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The Erotic Office

An Erotic Office meeting.
The Erotic Office is a collection of photography-inspired BDSM stories, detailing the sexual adventures of the offices of Desire Advertising.

Short, slitted skirts; mesmerising, seamed stockings; and high, pointed heels strut down the office hallways. Leers encourage them as they pass.

Pointed pant-tents are a common sight below the desks of the male employees - flirtatious emails flying across the office's cyberspace.

The Erotic Office collection follows the office employees as they engage in stirring sexual encounters with each other and their superiors. The initial stories involve the employees' submission to the Accounts Manager, Nina Hansen.

Nina enjoys an employee's
Nina Hansen is, in every way, the boss of the office. She's bold, beautiful and doesn't stand for incompetence - and she is quick to take care it.

She commands respect with her authoritative presence and rewards those that submit to her sensual take on office management, with professional advancement and sexual release. Delighting in the domination of both the male and female employees, Nina isn't shy to take advantage of her position.

A packet of cigarettes, a bottle of champagne and a pair of handcuffs have a permanent home in Nina's desk drawer.

Unrelenting, sexy, dominant - Nina Hansen ensures that it's never just another day at the office... But does she have a weakness for the cold, gruff Regional Manager, Sebastian Jones?

The Erotic Office stories to date:
  • Come into my Office...: The tale that inspired The Erotic Office collection - this story was initially written in response to a request from a Counter-Cult reader for a story about a female boss who takes advantage of a male subordinate.
  • Chained to the Job: Nina teaches two of her subordinates how to work together as a team.
  • The New Assistant: Nina introduces the doe-eyed Personal Assistant to her cold new boss, Sebastian Jones.
  • Cynthia's Punishment: Desire Advertising's Accounts Clerk learns, the hard way, not to neglect her work.
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