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Monday, October 18, 2010

Murmors of Revolt

So here it is - finally!

It's been a long time coming, this blog. I'm in my twenties, but these dirty thoughts have been floating around my head for literally decades now. And now, they have somewhere to come alive.

If you've somehow managed to crawl through the tangled interwebs, find a site that sells microscopes, buy one, zoom in about 5000%, take a photo, email a copy to CSI and have them do some impossible digital imaging magic, then you might just have found this blog. And if you have, welcome!

This will be a place for erotic stories (BDSM & Non-consent in nature), fresh from my very own fantasy. And, importantly, this site is a medium for BDSM counter-culture, through which my own (and maybe the reader's) sexuality can be relieved from the oppression of vanilla sex - even if only for an hour.

So, thanks for coming, and enjoy!

Love, licks and lashes,


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  1. Delightful, delicious, sensual and so Brain exciting.I want MORE!


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