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Friday, October 29, 2010

Quickie: He finds her there...

"Come," she calls to him.

He's caught her playing with herself, rolling about in auto-erotic pleasure amid the sheets. She was moaning and gasping to her own amusement, clad in the leather she'd bought from the town that day - the labelled boxes and bags strewn about the floor told him this.

Surely she wanted to be found like this. Who would make such an effort alone?

Regardless, she wants him to come to her.

Her leg, half-eaten by the thigh-high boot she wears, is dangling off the side of the bed. She kicks it cutely, her right hand buried beneath the covers, beneath her panties.

"Come..." she whispers again.

And now for something completely different...

In the spirit of all things evil and dastardly, you can find below my submission to Insatiabear's Halloween Flash Fiction Friday challenge.

To get some perspective, you can read about the challenge here, on Insatiabear's blog.

We were given the following picture and challenged to write flash fiction (150-275 words) inspired by it and to include this phrase in our submission: "cold and dead".

Here is my attempt:

The many men she's had before,
The many souls, collided.
The many times he thought of her
With lips and legs divided.

But here she lies, a covered head,
A naked corpse below.
So stiff and still, a cold and dead
Reminder that she's gone.

But how can he, a silly fool
With matching stiff in hand,
Tell her that he'll always know,
That he'd always understand

That she is much more beautiful
Much brighter as a ghost.
A spirit, spector, spook or ghoul -
Softer shadow of its host. 

As though she could never quite be
As free as she is now.
The many times she'd made him see
How she would choke and drown.

The many thoughts cry in his skull
And weep into his veins
He's another man, by her, full
Of void, and lacked restraint.

He leaves her now, his many gifts
Lie in ribbons on the floor -
A testament, accidentally left
To another dead whore.

(I know, it creeps me out too! But I enjoyed writting something a little different, and I do so enjoy Insatiabear's challenges.)

So, against the flow of that dark little diversion, I leave you with:

Love, licks and lashings,

Cynthia's Punishment

Cynthia Merrick dropped a client file in John's in-tray and winked at him as she passed. Her walk from his desk was deliberately suggestive - the long strides she took forced a perfect bounce from her behind as it swung from her hips. The Accounts boys sounded their appreciation with a chorus of whistles.

She headed to the break room, passing by the open door of Nina Hanson's office, unaware that her little show had also aroused her boss' attention.

Pouring herself a coffee from the jug of the drip brew, Cynthia turned at the echo of high-heeled footsteps joining her in the kitchenette. She saw Nina entering and grinned broadly.

Raising her mug in acknowledgment, she said, "That time of the morning, huh?"

Nina's lips crept into a sly smirk. "We all have our vices," she replied. "But, actually, I came to enquire about the database I asked your to put together last week."

"Oh," said Cynthia, her smile fading. "I haven't got to that yet."

"Well, then perhaps we'd better continue this conversation in my office."

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Offering

Her toes can barely touch the step, forcing her body to weigh down on the ropes binding her wrists above her head. It's a constant battle for balance that causes perspiration to bead across her forehead and heaving breasts.

He's dressed her up too, ready for the big presentation. A blood-red satin gown hugs her straining body and spills down the stairs below her. The matching satin wrap is tied across her eyes.

Gothic-inspired industrial metal bursts loudly through the house - the music causing the wooden floors of the entrance foyer to occasionally groan.

Scarlett feels like an offering to a vampiric lord.

"Will you stop sweating like that, you're staining that dress!" came that familiar gruff voice - the voice of the man who had taken her here.

"You filthy girl!" he shouts, climbing the stairs to where he has strung her out. He slaps her face. Instantly she turns, to spit at him, the saliva hissing between her painted red lips.

As he wipes the liquid from his eye, they both start at the creak of the heavy front door being forced open. He had arrived...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The New Assistant

Darla Simmons was new around the place. The Desire Advertising offices hadn't yet tainted her doe-eyed outlook with their tendency towards vice.

Like a painted doll, she sat at her desk outside Sebastian Jones' office. He was the predominantly-travel-bound-Regional Manager, and she, the personal assistant he'd not yet even met in person.

Nina Hanson, Accounts Manager, and general office seductress, had hired Darla. She'd made sure the young thing could read, write and make a decent cup of coffee and then hired her on the spot - ever the upstanding feminist that she was.

Though she appreciated the brilliant plumage of a sweet young bird as much as the next person, Nina's motives for hiring Darla were rarely that simple. She had a conniving dark mind, and by hiring something this tasty for Sebastian, she hoped to win his gratitude, perhaps even his affections.

And this evening, in their after hours meeting, Nina would pull her little ace from the sleeve...

Guest Writer Ignaga: Tongue Tied

This story was submitted to me by Ignaga, a contact of mine on Facebook.

So, thanks Ignaga, for this delicious little taste.

Love, licks and lashings,


I don't know how long I have been asleep on the sofa for, but when I come round it is dark, very dark. In fact, with the blindfold on I can not see anything. I go to pull it away from my eyes, and then I realise I am going nowhere, I can feel the bindings around my wrist. Not tight, but tight enough to keep me in place. Deprived of sight I strain my ears, hoping my other senses would somehow be able to get me free.

The Seduction of Diana

This is my take on a story that was told to me by a lovely young lady I talk with online - how she met her female lover.

When they talk about their loving relationship, it makes me my heart light up. So, D & S, this is for you. 

(I hope you don't mind that I've taken a little creative license with the details!)

With love, licks and lashings,



The bar was dimly lit: red lanterns sat over the bulbs that hung from the ceiling and filled the air with a deep sensuality.

Diana pours the last of the vodka mixer into her mouth, her red lipstick leaving a signature on the glass. The ice clinks as she places the empty tumbler on the table and looks across to her boyfriend, who is finishing up the last drops of his own drink.

"Another?" Diana suggests, sliding from the booth where they sat, and clutching her purse.

He shakes his head and she proceeds to the bar, edging past groups of happy drinkers. She notices an open space at the bar and heads towards it. The bar sticks to the bare skin of her arms as she leans against it, motioning for the attention of the bartender.

Beside her, the girl who she will eventually know as Stella, nudges in - squeezing between Diana and a man on her left. Stella leans towards Diana, speaking softly, but boldly.

"Heya," she starts, and Diana turns. "I saw you with that guy, and you looked wrong... I could make tonight special for you..."

Monday, October 25, 2010

Coveting Thy Neighbour (Part 2)

I do apologise for taking so long to put out the second part to this story. For all you loyal readers, here it is.

In Part 2, Beth must progress into complete submission before Don will take her.

If you need to catch up, read Part 1 here.


Beth lies on the table, her consciousness flirting with some other reality. She's caught on the precipice between pleasure and complete sexual submission. Her uncertainly for what Don had made her feel rings out and makes her tremble.

He is unravelling her...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Chained to the Job

Ms Nina Hanson is back in this second installment of The Erotic Office - to teach these two subordinates how to work together.


Jennifer marched into her boss' office, shoving the door open, Phil, hustling in after her.

Their boss, Nina Hanson, looked up, unimpressed by the interruption. She brought her hands from the keyboard she'd been typing at and folded her arms under her breasts.

"Well?" leading them to explain themselves. It was Thursday afternoon and she was tired from a long week of back-to-back meetings.

"Neens," Jennifer began, calling her boss by her office nickname, trying to appeal to perhaps some female camaraderie.

"I can't work with him anymore. It's impossible!" Jennifer threw her hands into the air as if to say she had given up.

Phil, stepped forward - he was eager to defend himself. "You're the one that's impossible," he hissed, his pointed finger jutted towards Jennifer and he narrowed his eyes.

Then he stepped forward and placed both of his hands on Nina's desk, "We -know- what you're like." His eyes looked sideways as he addressed his boss - his intention: to invoke Jennifer's short temper.

Nina just raised her eyebrows. She could see she was going to have to deal with these two...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Quickie: The Invasion (A Non-consent Fantasy)

Note to readers: This is only a fantasy, and I do not condone such non-consensual actions in Real Life.


It was late and Kate had given up waiting for her date to come over. Men, she thought, with a sigh.

And what a waste - she'd been seeing this guy, Frank, for a few weeks now. They'd been getting along great: seen a couple of movies, eaten a few dinners, chatted to the early hours of the morning. She'd even hinted that tonight would be -the- night. And she'd meant it - had gone shopping that day at the lingerie shop in her local department store.

But there she sat, alone. A half-empty bottle of wine, a pair of half-burnt-out candles, all dressed up in satin and lace with nobody to appreciate it.

With quiet resignation, Kate grabbed the wine glasses (one used and one, sadly, still clean) by the stems and took them to the kitchen. She opened one of the top cupboards and slid the unused glass back amongst it's set, then placed the other on the sink.

Her heart fluttered as she heard a knock at the door. Was it Frank? Was he here, finally?

Friday, October 22, 2010

Her Pink Mistress (Part 2)

Read Part 1

Now, where were we? 

"Now that you've had your pleasure, little one," Jane said sweetly. "Don't you think I should get a turn?" Jane's fingernails grazed across the satin slip as she spoke.

Adele lifted her head, her eyes widening, and she wondered what Jane meant.

Jane placed two fingers to her own mouth and smiled again. She turned to the selection of toys on the shelves behind her and pondered what she would use next.

And so it continues...

By Request: Her Pink Mistress (Part 1)

For & inspired by the pink-haired Miss Kc...


Adele blew, sending a soft wave of air floating between her toes. She was painting her toe-nails a fresh shade of "Petal Pink".

"That looks cute, Del," Fiona remarked, smiling. Fiona was Adele's best friend and they were enjoying a quiet night of bubbling wine and pampering together.

"Are you sure your step-mom doesn't mind you having me over?" Adele asked. Fiona's step-mother, Jane, was known to be fairly strict sometimes, even though she was only 25 - barely older than Fiona herself.

It was mostly these reasons that led Fiona to dislike her. She suspected that Jane had married her father for his money, and she was disappointed in him for falling for Jane's seduction. Leather, lace and big red lips, thought Fiona. How obvious could you get? Still, her father had eaten it up, and they were married within months.

But Adele was intrigued by Jane, with her bright pink hair, and tight, laced bodices that poked above the buttoned cardigans she often wore. Jane seemed to walk everywhere with purpose, with confidence. Adele could see why Fiona's father liked her...

Guest Writer Demon Ted: Hotels & Handcuffs

This story was submitted to me by my good friend, Demon Ted, and edited by me. 

For all you male subs and female dommes out there, I think you will enjoy!

Love, licks and lashings,


She came shooting down the road in her not-quite-paid-off 1998 Honda Civic - cigarette in mouth,  windows rolled down, going 50 in the 35mph zone. She was late for work again, but didn't seem to care.

Lisa worked at a hotel, cleaning rooms. Hotel 5 wasn't exactly the best place to stay, unless you like crackhead parties and 10 dollar hookers, but it was a job.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Shhh...: Taken Amongst the Shelves

"Shh... it's a library," came the cold, scowling hush of the Head Librarian, as she looked up from her desk.

Lilah gave her an apologetic glance as she bent down to collect her things. She had tripped and stumbled, dropping her bag as she entered the student library. Her belongings had clanged across the floor, causing everyone around her to stop and stare.

As she clambered to gather everything, she realised, with horror, that her pink, mini-vibe had skittered across the floor. It was lying next to a table leg on the other side of the Library foyer. She looked around quickly to see if anyone had noticed it, but they all seemed to have lost interest in her and were returning to their own business.

Glancing over to the table, she noticed a girl writing on a piece of paper up against the wall. Was that... Victoria? Victoria, or Tori as they called her, was quite popular among the campus. If she saw Lilah's little toy she would be sure to make the story known. But Tori seemed busy with what she was writing.

Lilah took a deep breath and walked quickly over to the table, preparing to crouch down and quickly pocket the vibe before anyone could see. But she was too late, as she bent over she saw only a pair of black leather boots where the vibe should have been...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Quickie: Against the Wall

"When i am Queen, you will be first against the wall..." she'd said, eyes narrowed.

But he'd known her intentions (unlike the quote she'd cited) were not for execution, but for hard, punishing sex.

And with that she'd marched from the courtroom.


That was the last time John had seen her, Sara Blanc. She'd been furious that his client had successfully sued hers. Only an ambitious young lawyer then, intent on her road to infamy, she was now renowned as one of the most successful civil lawyers around.

Scorned women clamoured for her favor, her service, when they divorced their husbands, sought child support and sued their exes. She was bold, ruthless in court, and damn scary in civil negotiation.

And now, here he was, sitting across the table from her client...

A Lesson in Timing

She was strapped to the wooden table, her ankles and wrists bound by leather cuffs at each corner.

"Do not speak", Master instructed, running his gloved hand up his slave's leg. She moved and moaned to his touch.

He let his hand move to her sex, which was already beginning to show signs of wetness. It was beautifully groomed, just the way he liked it, shaved completely. He held his hand there and mused, "You have -such- a naughty little pussy, my dear..."

Request a Story

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What do you like? What do you want? Where would you like it?

Send me your deepest, darkest fantasies and let me realise them, right here on Counter-Cult.

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I look forward to hearing from you.

With love, licks and lashings,

(As a side note, if you would like to contribute to this site as a guest author, you can email me your work and, if it suits this site, I will publish it and attribute it to you accordingly.)

image from here

Quickie: Wet and willing

He can see her through the crack in the door. The water streams down her curves, her chin tilted upwards, her pink full lips parted to the water pouring from the shower head. She arches her back and rubs shampoo through her hair. Her silhouette against the white bathroom tiles is breathtaking. His cock stirs and hardens against his jeans.

She brushes soapy water across her firm breasts that wobble beautifully as she cleans them, and bends down to rub her legs with the sponge. Her round ass sticks out, shining, wet... spankable. He licks his lips.

He can't watch her any longer without touching her. He wants to take her in that torrent of warm water, up against the glass - make her feel his hardness thick and full and deep inside her. Give her a real reason to get clean.

He pushes the door open and steps inside...

By Request: Come into my office...

Requested by M, but I hope you'll all enjoy.

Got your own story request? Send an email to: ljpane@gmail.com


He hung up the phone, dejectedly. The Swanson account. He couldn't believe he'd lost it. What had he done wrong? Had he not paid enough attention to the clients? He racked his brains trying to think of where he'd gone wrong.

His friend from Accounting was obviously first to hear, Mike realised, seeing his friend George marching down the hall towards his desk.

"Tough break on the Swanson account, Mike," George consoled, offering a friendly pat on the shoulder. "Hanson's gonna break your balls over this one - look out".

And he was right. No more than 10 seconds after George passed by did Mike's desk phone ring again. It was Nina Hanson, his boss. And she was mad. Two minutes. Her office. Shit...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Table Manners

"Put your hands behind your back and face the wall," he commanded.

Jenny had just arrived at the address Master Kane had given her the week prior. The house had looked just  like every other house on the upper-middle class street. She had been instructed to wear black lace underwear and simple, skimpy outerwear. She had chosen a short black mini and, on top, a bright blue singlet to contrast her deep green eyes.

Although taken aback by how quickly things had gone from arriving at the house to submission, Jenny was quick to comply with the orders.

"Hold your elbows," Kane continued

Jenny reached behind her and obediently grabbed hold of her elbows, causing her back to arch and her breasts to push out. Master Kane ran his hands up an down her sides, then across her tummy and ass, feeling her warm, young flesh underneath the skimpy clothes...

Murmors of Revolt

So here it is - finally!

It's been a long time coming, this blog. I'm in my twenties, but these dirty thoughts have been floating around my head for literally decades now. And now, they have somewhere to come alive.

If you've somehow managed to crawl through the tangled interwebs, find a site that sells microscopes, buy one, zoom in about 5000%, take a photo, email a copy to CSI and have them do some impossible digital imaging magic, then you might just have found this blog. And if you have, welcome!

This will be a place for erotic stories (BDSM & Non-consent in nature), fresh from my very own fantasy. And, importantly, this site is a medium for BDSM counter-culture, through which my own (and maybe the reader's) sexuality can be relieved from the oppression of vanilla sex - even if only for an hour.

So, thanks for coming, and enjoy!

Love, licks and lashes,


image from here

Coveting Thy Neighbor (Part 1)

It was 1:48am and Beth couldn't sleep.

Her neighbor Jon, across the hall, was having some kind of party, and all the loud music, frat boy chanting and laughter had kept her awake for the past couple of hours. She was young herself so she hadn't wanted to be the complaining neighbor, but at this point she didn't really have a choice.

Beth threw a robe over her naked body and made her way to the apartment across the hall. She knocked on the door a few times and waited. Then knocked louder. A minute went by. Couldn't they hear her over this music? She banged the door with her fists and tried calling... "Hello?"

At last she heard someone moving near the door...