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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Lesson in Timing

She was strapped to the wooden table, her ankles and wrists bound by leather cuffs at each corner.

"Do not speak", Master instructed, running his gloved hand up his slave's leg. She moved and moaned to his touch.

He let his hand move to her sex, which was already beginning to show signs of wetness. It was beautifully groomed, just the way he liked it, shaved completely. He held his hand there and mused, "You have -such- a naughty little pussy, my dear..."

Master began pushing into her sex, letting her welling juices coat his leather glove. He ran his finger up and down it's lips, occasionally brushing over her clit. Her pretty pink lips formed an O as he did this - he could see she loved the feeling of leather between her legs. But she was far from deserving of any more of this attention just yet.

Moving to the end of the table, he unclasped the chains holding her ankle cuffs in place. "Turn over," he ordered. As she obliged, he took the chains and re-secured them on the cuffs. Now her ass, pink and inviting, presented itself on the table.

He grabbed her cheeks first, feeling her tight flesh yield, then began dealing light smacks to each of them. Slowly he began to increase the pace and the pressure, each slap with his leather-clad hand making a pleasant thwack as it stung her skin.

Stopping for a moment, he instructed, "Count."

"One... two," his slave counted with each slap he delivered. "Three..."

His punishment got firmer as she reached "ten" and she began gasping between each number. The spankings rained down on her and she wondered how high he would make her count.

At "fifteen" she was pink with welts. He loved the way her ass bloomed like a rose under his heavy hand. By "twenty" she was red and gasping, a pleading tone rising in her voice with each number.

Master continued to "thirty" before being satisfied. "Good girl," he soothed, running his hand softly over her stinging flesh. "You shall have a reward."

Stepping away from the table, he picked up a vibrating wand from the shelf on the wall.

"Open up." he ordered, as he returned. She obediently shuffled her legs on the table, exposing her sex  to him.

Once she was wide enough, he turned on the vibe and pushed it up against her sex, twisting it around so it would press hard against her clit. She moaned as it touched her, tossing her head back, her blond wavy hair lashing against her shoulders.

"What do you say?" he asked, pulling the vibe backwards a little, as a warning.

"Thank you, Sir," she replied in a trembling tone and he pushed against her clit harder. The vibe sent zings of intense pleasure up through her body. Her arousal so high, but she struggled to control it, knowing he would never let her come this soon.

His free hand grabbed one of her red cheeks and he began tracing the cleft of her ass. He knew the effect the vibe was having and he wanted to make it even harder for her.

Grinning, he plunged a finger into her ass, drawing it in and out slowly. He pushed in a second finger and fucked her harder with them. She was his slave and he could treat her body as he liked.

She tried bucking and wriggling away from the vibe. His fingers deep in her ass and the insane vibrations on her sex were almost unbearable. She ached to come.

"Please, Sir." she begged. "Please may I come?"

Master took great pleasure in making her wait, pretending he was thinking it over. "No," he finally said, not relenting at all with his torture. Though she tried to pull away, he would force the vibe up against her, following her every move.

At last she could take no more. "Please!" she screamed, her head tilting back to face to ceiling. "Please, Sir!" But as she screamed, her body gave way to climax. Wave after wave of orgasm drove across her body, each wave bouncing against the vibe to surge through her again. Her body arched and twisted as she came, tensing and shrieking and sweating.

He was not amused.

As her body relaxed down into the table, Master pulled the vibe and his fingers away. He paced to the end of the table and began unclasping her ankle restraints again. "Turn over," he ordered.

She obeyed, still panting from her release. Her body rolled over to reveal her wet sex, slippery with her own climax.

He secured her ankles again, pulling the chains a little tighter so her legs were spread very wide. Then, he walked to the shelf and picked up the riding crop that lay on it. He loved how her eyes widened as she saw what was in his hand.

Master slapped the crop lightly against his palm and said, "You came without permission."

"I.. I'm sorry, Sir. I just couldn't..." she stuttered.

"Quiet!" he interrupted and brought the crop down against her right inner thigh, watching her reel in pain. "I did not give you permission to speak. Just as I did not give you permission to come, you naughty slut." He brought the crop down again, hard against her left thigh.

She gasped as the leather bit her sensitive skin. It had been so hard to stop herself from coming, but she knew she deserved to be punished. She had failed in his request and must learn how to please him better.

The crop struck her higher on her thigh, and then the other. He kept a steady rhythm as she struggled to submit to her punishment. Her body would instinctively flinch away, but she fought to keep herself still, to endure what she deserved.

Then she felt it rest against her sex, tapping at the top of her moist mound. He patted the crop against her labia and began to increase the weight of each stroke. As he smacked the crop hard against her sex and she cried out. Then again, and again, he cropped her sex with more speed and pain. She writhed and gasped, the crop searing her soaking, sensitive clit with each blow.

He continued til he could see she had reached her limit, her mouth permanently open, her eyes begging him to stop, her cries urgent and desperate.

"Now," he paused and met her pleading gaze. "What have you learned, slut?"

"I shall not come without permission, Sir," she replied promptly, apologetically.

"Good, girl." He placed the crop to one side, and began releasing her ankle cuffs. "Now I am going to release your legs, so that I can fuck you. Understood?"

"Yes, Sir." she breathed, relieved that the punishment had subsided.

Master finished freeing her ankles and knelt on the table between her legs. He unzipped his pants and removed his cock, long and hard and ready. Moving closer to her, he pulled her ankles from the table and rested them over his shoulders.

"Do you want to be fucked, slave?" he asked, as he shuffled forward, his hardness pressing against her swollen sex.

"Yes, Sir."

He pushed himself inside her, his cock grazing beautifully against the tight walls of her sex. She had been trained to hold her muscles taught for him at all times so that she could feel his every inch inside her.

His cock felt good insider her sex. Every stroke inched him deeper inside her. She loved the way it felt as he quickened his thrusts, forcing himself hard inside his slut. She wanted him to use her like this - she existed for his pleasure.

Master brought his fingers to his mouth and licked them. Though her lips and clit were still puffed and pink from the previous punishment, he brought his hand to them again as he fucked her. He smack her flesh, then rubbed at her clit with his wet fingers. Then smacked it again.

He wanted her to experience the pain and pleasure of submitting to him. He knew her - knew she could take it. He would smack her clit and make her come with him.

His thrusts were furious now - deep, full, swift strokes. Neither of them could hold out much longer and he began calling her for her to come.

"Come now, my little slut." he spoke, thrusting and slapping her sex. "Come now, as I slap you."

He pushed the lips of her sex apart, and, laying a slap directly across her clit he commanded, "Come now!"

Her body rocked with his cock inside her, and she trembled - the pain and stimulation on her clit sending her into a maddening climax. She reeled and screamed in ecstasy and agony - he would not relent as she came on his cock, dealing slap after slap across her sex.

She continued to come, moaning animalistically, her body so tense and tight, her muscles clamped around his cock. He was coming in her too - his thick cum filling her deep. Their juices overflowing down her ass as she rolled and writhed at the end of her orgasm.

They breathed heavily, panting, gasping, smiling.

"Good girl," he sighed, and traced his fingers across her stomach, making her shiver."You'll make a good slave, yet."

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  1. How embarassing that I rated this myself! Was a mis-click I swear!

    Love, licks and lashings,

  2. Hi Lil!
    Very nice story!
    Good writing! Are these your phantasies,
    or did this happend in reality?
    If these are just your phanasies it is really cool!
    Love to read more!
    Take care and have fun!

  3. Hi Mirko,

    Thanks for the comment. Yes, these are (most of them) my fantasies - although some people make requests for me to write out thier fantasies.

    This one, is indeed, one of my fantasies. One day I might find a trusted Dom/me to help me re-create it in real life.

    Love, licks and lashings,


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