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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Guest Writer Ignaga: Tongue Tied

This story was submitted to me by Ignaga, a contact of mine on Facebook.

So, thanks Ignaga, for this delicious little taste.

Love, licks and lashings,


I don't know how long I have been asleep on the sofa for, but when I come round it is dark, very dark. In fact, with the blindfold on I can not see anything. I go to pull it away from my eyes, and then I realise I am going nowhere, I can feel the bindings around my wrist. Not tight, but tight enough to keep me in place. Deprived of sight I strain my ears, hoping my other senses would somehow be able to get me free.

I smell her delicate fragrance before I hear her breathing, a heady scent that lingers, intoxicating me. Then I feel the warmth of her breath on my neck, moving upwards, making my skin pucker into goose bumps. I hear her stifle a mischievous giggle as her soft lips brush against my cheek. I try to speak but she puts what I assume is a finger on my lips and whispered "Shh!" then she is gone again.

The scent returns, filling my nostrils again and I hear movement by the side of me. I feel the caress of her breath on my face and she kisses me. A gentle brush of her warm, moist lips at first, then more lingering, more passionate. My pulse rises and her hands start to unbutton my shirt. She pulls it open and her kisses trace a line down my neck and over my chest, her hands caress my sides. Then I feel her astride my thighs, the gentle pressure of her body on my legs is followed by the feeling of flesh on flesh. She lies on top of me and showers more kisses onto my cheeks and neck and I can feel her breasts against me, soft, moist and comforting.

Again she traces a line of kisses down my neck, and across my chest, this time further down, stopping at the top of my jeans. Her hands join her lips at my waist and she begins loosening the denims, first the button, then with a gentle pull the fly comes undone. She giggles again and slides down my legs towards my feet, easing my jeans over my swollen manhood and down towards my thighs.

Another shift of her weight tells me she is moving and I feel her get off me. I hear movement again, catch that now familiar aroma of her perfume, then feel the warmth of her breath on my exposed chest. She plants another line of soft, gentle kisses down my stomach, over my hips and down to my thighs. I try to shift my position but the bindings around my wrists and ankles hold me fast. Her kisses begin to trace a line back up the inside of my leg, over my boxer shorts and back to my stomach. Her hands caress the outsides of my thighs and then she eases the elastic of my remaining clothes down.

Warm kisses across my stomach are followed by what I think is a gentle lick, one of her hands glides across my thighs and touches me. I feel the warmth of her breath on my crotch and then the feeling of moist warmness as she takes me in her mouth. Her hands and tongue working in perfect harmony, dancing across my skin. My whole body twitches with waves of pleasure as she teases me with her tongue, her hair falling across my stomach tickles, the warmth of her breasts around my length. I feel the heat of her lips around me again and the tightening of my muscles as my juices flow. Panting and twitching I am oblivious to my surroundings now.

I feel the embrace of her breath on my neck, she giggles again, kisses me and is gone.


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