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About the Writer

Lilith Pane

Lilith Pane is an accomplished professional writer that has turned her hand to erotic fiction. She adores BDSM and reading/writing about it invokes her imagination, forging her journey through self-discovery.

Her BDSM interests include: bondage, domination & submission, spanking, whipping/cropping, orgasm control and much more; and this is reflected in her vivid stories.

Lilith loves sharing her fantasies through fiction, and meeting those that share her passions. She invites her readers to suggest their own fantasies, so that she may write it for them and have it featured on Counter-Cult.

She is heavily influenced by the writings and thinkings of D.H. Lawrence, the music of the Smashing Pumpkins (particularly the Adore album), and the expressive style of Margaret Atwood. These are but a few of the artists she indulges in as Lilith emerges herself in the creative world, drawn in by moments in art that make her feel.

Through her writings, Lilith seeks not only to share her arousal and conjure erotic response in the reader, but to understand and explore the philosophy behind why we control, and why we submit.

As always, Lilith sends her love, licks and lashings and hopes you will come again...


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