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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Quickie: Against the Wall

"When i am Queen, you will be first against the wall..." she'd said, eyes narrowed.

But he'd known her intentions (unlike the quote she'd cited) were not for execution, but for hard, punishing sex.

And with that she'd marched from the courtroom.


That was the last time John had seen her, Sara Blanc. She'd been furious that his client had successfully sued hers. Only an ambitious young lawyer then, intent on her road to infamy, she was now renowned as one of the most successful civil lawyers around.

Scorned women clamoured for her favor, her service, when they divorced their husbands, sought child support and sued their exes. She was bold, ruthless in court, and damn scary in civil negotiation.

And now, here he was, sitting across the table from her client...

The door flung open and Sara entered. She was sophisticated in a tightly tailored jacket and skirt, but daring in seamed nylons and steel-heeled stilettos. Her dark brown hair, pinned up in a french bun, framed the pale white face, lit by deep red lips.

"Ms Blanc, I believe," started John's client, standing to shake her hand.

"I know who he is," Sara replied, shortly, ignoring his outstretched hand.

She walked to the other side of the table and kissed her client on both cheeks, before taking the seat next to her.

Sara reached into her briefcase taking out a pair of black, thick-rimmed glasses and some papers. She perched the glasses on her nose and shuffled the papers quickly on the table. "So... alimony, child support, the house and half of the superannuation. We're agreed on these amounts?"

"Actually, Ms Blanc," John interjected. "My client wishes to dispute those totals, and we think it fair that since my client's salary was to account for the superannuation that he keep sole control of it. Additionally, we propose that the family home be sold and the amount, minus fees, taxes and services, be distributed evenly between the two parties."

Sara frowned and sized him up over the top of her thick frames. "Mr and Mrs Hudson, would you give us a moment."

The clients, amidst nods and obliging gestures, left their seats and exited the room. Sara followed them to the door and closed it behind them.

Turning to John, she said, "I've been waiting a long time for this. Just what exactly do you think you're playing at?" As she spoke, she sauntered, seductively, towards him.

"Ms Blanc..."

"Mis-ter Reynolds..." she spoke over him.

He stood, trying to be assertive, for his client's sake too - he wasn't going to let this woman screw them both. "I really think we need to discuss this case..."

But she wasn't having any of it, she push him backwards, slamming him against the wall. With her forearm pressing him across the chest, she spoke lowly. "Would you just be a man, for once, John? Or do I need to make you one?"

Sara didn't wait for a reply, and began tearing his clothes from his body. His shirt was flung open, his pants around his ankles. Reaching down, she was pleased to find him hard. She pressed herself against him and took his hands, guiding them up the back of her thighs, under her skirt.

She wasn't wearing any panties...

Fuck, thought John as his body betrayed him further. He let out a low groan in response to the warm touch of her firm ass.

He let her kiss him hard, her tongue searching, her lips sucking him deeper into the kiss. She bit down lightly on his lower lip and laughed.

"Oh, you're a naughty, boy," she scolded as she stepped backwards and sat on the table. She spread her legs open, and reached for a handful of his open shirt, to pull him to her.

With John standing between her parted thighs, Sara whispered seductively, "If you can make me come, I'll make sure your client gets half. How's that for a deal?" Her mouth curled in one corner and she raised her eyebrows, waiting for his response.

"Ms Blanc..." he protested, his mind determined, but his body alight with passion.

Sara wrapped her legs behind him, and crossed her ankles. She lifted her sex towards him and tightened her legs around him, pulling him into her - his hard cock filling her tight wetness.

"Good man," she gasped placing a hand behind her for leverage.

With that she began pushing herself back and forth, over the length of his cock. John could only stand there in shock, sounds of pleasure escaping his lips.

"i know you like that," she moaned. "Doesn't it feel good, nice and deep inside me?"

She grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him towards her, entwining her lips with his - soft tongues clashed between hard lips. She kissed him and fucked him like a toy.

He could feel her tightening around his cock. He knew her body was lighting up from using him like this, fucking him hard and deep against his will. But he couldn't stop it. He couldn't stop her. And she was coming - wetness and warmth enveloping his cock as she thrust into him, again and again.

As she called out "Fuck, Yes!", his own orgasm rose in him faster than he could control - his mind a victim to his body.

Mindlessly, he grabbed her hips firmly and thrust hard and fast, forcing his cum deep into her, calling her name, "Sara, oh fuck, Sara!"

And when he was spent, she released her legs from around his hips, allowing him to step backwards. He was uneasy on his feet, speechless, mouth caught aghast.

With great amusement, Sara stood and pulled her skirt down her thighs.

As she reached the door, she turned and said, with a smile:

"I'll tell Mrs Hudson we're settling."

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  1. I swear if i hadn't just... I would have to get a tissue to clean up. That was amazing!

  2. "His mind a victim to his body ..." Grrrrr, As a dom/sub; depending on the situation, I really enjoyed my read! Against the wall, defines exactly the kinda of woman and female prowess tht would take me from dom. to submissive in character. I'm not going to make it easy for you ladies, work for it... nurture it and I will be forever be your's to do with as you desire! You left me swollen and wanton ... gr8 story, powerful and very thought provoking! Loved it!
    Kisses Kev


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