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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The New Assistant

Darla Simmons was new around the place. The Desire Advertising offices hadn't yet tainted her doe-eyed outlook with their tendency towards vice.

Like a painted doll, she sat at her desk outside Sebastian Jones' office. He was the predominantly-travel-bound-Regional Manager, and she, the personal assistant he'd not yet even met in person.

Nina Hanson, Accounts Manager, and general office seductress, had hired Darla. She'd made sure the young thing could read, write and make a decent cup of coffee and then hired her on the spot - ever the upstanding feminist that she was.

Though she appreciated the brilliant plumage of a sweet young bird as much as the next person, Nina's motives for hiring Darla were rarely that simple. She had a conniving dark mind, and by hiring something this tasty for Sebastian, she hoped to win his gratitude, perhaps even his affections.

And this evening, in their after hours meeting, Nina would pull her little ace from the sleeve...


The two stood in the female bathroom on Desire's second floor. Nina lent over the porcelain sink and pressed her lips together, ensuring an even coat of her freshly-applied scarlet lipstick. She turned to Darla who was ruffling her blond curls.

"Darla honey, you aren't nervous to meet Mr Jones are you?"

Darla turned, and with a slightly vacant look replied, "No... Should I be?"

Her innocence was delicious. Nina paused for a moment, pondering the idea of keeping Darla for herself. Then she took the peach lip gloss from Darla's open purse and, tilting the girl's chin upwards, began applying it with soft touches of her finger. The gloss shone in the warm yellow glow of the mirror's lamps and for a second Nina imagined those plump lips around Sebastian's hard cock.

Nina pulled away, shaking the image from her mind. "No reason at all," she answered.

As they left the bathroom, Nina sent Darla for a bucket of ice, three glasses and a bottle of sparkling wine from the corporate cooler. Nina continued on to Sebastian's office alone.

She stood in the open doorway to the office - one hand holding the door frame, the other placed on her hip. With her ankles crossed she greeted him, "Well, if it isn't Desire's carrier pigeon, back in the coop! How was the big city, Sebastian?"

"Nina," he said, buttoning his jacket as he stood, then extending his hand. She took it, shaking it firmly, then pulled him close so she could kiss his cheek. Sebastian eyed her curiously and sat down.

Nina took a seat opposite, taking care to remove her jacket very slowly, before hanging it over the arm of the chair. She crossed her legs and lent back against the cool leather supports.

"I think you'll be pleased with your new P.A., 'Bass. I took care of it myself," Nina said, her chin resting on her fingers.

"Bass eh?" Sebastian mocked Nina's use of his college moniker. "So you're one of the boys now?"

"I thought you knew I was a lifetime member of the boys club," she joked, then heard Darla lingering in the doorway. Her arms were clumsily struggling to balance the wine in the ice bucket and the clinking glass stems threaded between her fingers.

"Ah, a drink would be lovely, Darla. Thank you." Nina motioned for the girl to enter.

The assistant placed the drinks on the desk and stepped back, her hands clutched politely in front of her. Nina, not turning her head, twisted her hand towards the new company, "Darla, this is Mr Jones, your boss." Then gesturing theatrically from Sebastian back to Darla again, "Mih-ster Jones, your new assistant,"

"Nice to meet you," Sebastian nodded, his tone barely changing.

"Likewise, Mr Jones," smiled Darla bobbing her head, then adding, "At last!"

"Yes, I must apologise for my recent absence from the office. It is, however, not such a rare occurrence for me to be away for long periods of time." He pointed to the bottle of bubbling wine, indicating that Darla should begin pouring. As she proceeded, he asked, "I trust you've been in capable hands with Ms Hanson here."

"Oh yes," replied Darla, eagerly. "She has been great! And the office secretaries have already shown me all the phones and the filing. Oh and the gentlemen in Accounts have been -most- accommodating."

"I can imagine," scoffed Sebastian over the top of his glass, exchanging a knowing look with Nina.

"Sit, Darla," Nina said pointing to the chair to her right, then pushed a pad of paper across the desk. "Take notes."

Darla retrieved a pen she had pinned over the waist of her skirt and poised it over the pad.

"So... the trip?" asked Nina, tipping her own glass towards towards her lips.

"Yes," began Sebastian, with a preparatory sigh. "The boys over east have a few big players on the horizon. I've put your name forward for a meet and greet with a local Georges & Franklin branch. If all goes well with that, and the presentations next week, we might get our own bite of their national cherry."

"Darla, have Cynthia book somewhere for next week for me and the Georges marketing boys. Tell her somewhere on St Andrews street." Nina instructed.

"I'd suggest The Alice," offered Sebastian.

"Anything else?" Nina prompted.

"I'll let you know when you need to know." Sebastian placed his glass on the desk and looked at Nina. After a brief pause, he forced a smile.

"Very well, Sebastian," replied Nina, with a slight roll of her eyes. Pressing her hands into the chairs arms, she lifted herself up. "I'll let you two... get on the same page then."

Finally he spoke. "So, just how many of those Accounts boys have you let take you in the broom closet?"

Darla's eyes widened and her brow creased in offense. "What... I..."

"I don't know what Nina was thinking letting a piece of jail bait like you loose in this place. God if those fools got as many accounts as they did raging hard-ons I'd be retired by now."

"I should go," said Darla, ripping away the top piece of paper and placing the pad on the table

Sebastian caught her wrist with his hand, making her turn to his cold piercing eyes. "Should you now?" he said, not exactly asking.

"Mr Jones," she said, trying to wrestle her arm free. "I think you have the wrong idea about me."

He stood and walked around the desk towards her, Darla's wrist still in his grasp. "Do I, now?"

Darla tried to back away, twisting her arm, fighting to get free. But he went with her and brought her arm up behind her back. Then, thrusting in the direction of her momentum, forced her against the wall.

Sebastian pulled her arm up higher behind her and Darla gasped into the wall. The way he held her allowed her barely any movement without pain. She feared her arm would snap in his grip.

"Mr Jones, stop it," she panted.

He ran his free hand down her figure, relishing the way her clothes clung against her small waist. His hardness was rubbing against her and he breathed into her ear.

"I don't think you really want me to stop, Miss Simmons. I think you -like- it nice and rough. A little peach like you, so nice and ripe for the plucking. I bet you let them all taste your nectar."

Sebastian ran his fingers to the zip of her skirt, and with a quick tug, he let it fall to the floor. She pulled her legs together and tried to stop him from touching her beneath her soft pink underwear. But the pretty bows and white pinstripes only enticed him and made him grin.

"Naughty, naughty girl," he groaned, pushing his hand inside her panties, past her twisting cheeks and down further to her lips. "You need a nice hard fuck, don't you?"

Darla groaned, throwing her head back. As she did, he released his hand from her wrist and grabbed a bunch of her thick curls, twisting them around his fingers. Holding her like that, he used his other hands to rip her panties from her ass.

She let out a slight yelp as the material bit into her skin, then released and dropped away, leaving her exposed. As they floated downward, he twisted her around by the shoulders and hoisted her legs up - the movement pushing her up and into the wall.

With her thighs around his hips, Sebastian pulled his cock from his pants and pushed it, roughly, inside her. He held her ass and forced himself in and out of her tight little sex, and Darla's mind wondered if she was even resisting him anymore.

Without thinking, she had grabbed hold of him behind his neck - her fingernails scratching up into his thick hair. She allowed her body to move in time with him, curling and arching against him as he fucked.

"You're mine, you understand that, slut?" he growled, plunging deep into her.

"Yes! Yes!" she screamed in reply, unable to stop herself. "I'm yours!" Each word she spoke was punctuated by another deep hard thrust.

"You're fucking mine!" His chiding was as harsh in her ears as his cock was in her sex.

The intensity of such a hard pounding made Darla reach for the bookshelves either side of her head - her fingers grasping at something, anything, to hold onto and brace herself. He was relentless, and every time she tensed around him, he would groan and fuck her harder and faster.

Her screams grew louder, and more frequent - sounding out every time she exhaled. Feeling it rise inside of her, he took a hand to her throat and squeezed it against the wall.

She tried to gasp, searching his eyes as he choked her. But her body was responding to the restriction, and began tightening every muscle in her body. The constriction of his cock by her warm wet sex was so powerful that he came inside her, violently.

As the hot streams of his cum hit inside her, Darla reached her Rubicon. Seeing this in her face, Sebastian released her neck and she began gasping desperately. The rush of oxygen made every piece of her light up, and she let out shrill screams of ecstasy.

Sebastian cupped her mouth, to stem the noise, and rocked inside her until ever last droplet was squeezed out. When she had finished gasping, he lowered her legs to the ground, pulling away as he did.

Darla took a moment to gather herself, then, without looking at her boss, grabbed her skirt and began pulling it up over her thighs. Straightening her blouse and toying with the matted hair behind her head, she rushed to the door. Shock and delight battled for expression on her face.

Fighting a smile, she finally looked at him. He looked pleased, so she let out a small nervous laugh and opened the door.

As she turned to close it behind her, she noticed a flash of pink dangling from his hand. Sebastian was twirling her torn panties around his forefinger.

"I'll keep these," he told her, with a chuckle, and dropped them inside his desk drawer.

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  1. This reminds me of all the male bosses I've had that I'd wished would have done this with me.

    Absolutely fantastic, darling.


  2. Thanks Anna!

    I've certainly wished the same myself ;)


  3. I'm with Anna...this is such a true capture of my thoughts on some of my previous male bosses. Hot story...very hot!


  4. I was waiting for Nina's return! Now whenever I see the secretaries in my office, I'll look at them differently. By the way, do you know anyone who's looking for work? I could use a good secretary.


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