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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Chained to the Job

Ms Nina Hanson is back in this second installment of The Erotic Office - to teach these two subordinates how to work together.


Jennifer marched into her boss' office, shoving the door open, Phil, hustling in after her.

Their boss, Nina Hanson, looked up, unimpressed by the interruption. She brought her hands from the keyboard she'd been typing at and folded her arms under her breasts.

"Well?" leading them to explain themselves. It was Thursday afternoon and she was tired from a long week of back-to-back meetings.

"Neens," Jennifer began, calling her boss by her office nickname, trying to appeal to perhaps some female camaraderie.

"I can't work with him anymore. It's impossible!" Jennifer threw her hands into the air as if to say she had given up.

Phil, stepped forward - he was eager to defend himself. "You're the one that's impossible," he hissed, his pointed finger jutted towards Jennifer and he narrowed his eyes.

Then he stepped forward and placed both of his hands on Nina's desk, "We -know- what you're like." His eyes looked sideways as he addressed his boss - his intention: to invoke Jennifer's short temper.

Nina just raised her eyebrows. She could see she was going to have to deal with these two...
"Phil, you're unbelievable!" Jennifer blasted back. "I've been waiting for your input on this report for a -week- now! I can't believe it's come to this."

Nina said nothing and gestured towards the open doorway, through which disturbed workers could be seen to be listening to the commotion

Her two subordinates grew silent and stiff. Jennifer dropped her chin and bit her lip. Phil, relaxed his hands to his side and pushed his tongue against the inside of his cheek as he realised how childish he was being.

Looking from one of them to the other, Nina sighed and asked, "So, you've come in here to show me how terrible you are at working as a team?"

Jennifer stared at the floor, embarrassed, but Phil protested, "It's not really me that's the issue here, Neens."

"You may address me as Ms, Hanson," Nina corrected quickly. "Because, right now, I don't feel particularly affectionate towards either of you. I expected better than this from my Creative team." Her brow furrowed as she scolded them.

"I-I'm sorry... Ms Hanson." started Phil, tripping over his words. "It's just that it's honestly Jennifer that's causing the fuss here."

Jennifer scoffed, opening her mouth to speak, but Nina raised her index finger and shot her a warning look.

She stood and, with another sigh, pointed out the doorway to the large double doors down the hall. "Conference room. Now." Her authoritative tone slightly startled the co-workers and they immediately jostled through the doorway.

Taking something shiny from her desk, Nina followed her employees down the hallway, admiring the way Jennifer's grey business skirt pinned to her round, firm ass she she walked.

They arrived at the conference room doors and Nina produced a key, strung around her neck and attached to an extendable elastic cord, from behind the lapels of her dark black blazer. The matching black skirt pulled tight against her curvaceous form as she bent towards the lock on the door, placing the key inside it.

She pulled the door open and pressed her back against it, inviting Jennifer and Phil in with a twist of her outstretched wrist. They brushed past her obediently.

Phil entered first, taking a seat in the middle of the long table that took up most of the rectangular room. Nina walked to the chair to Phil's right, and placed her hands on it's back, drawing it away from the table.

"Sit here, Jennifer," she instructed, and Jennifer obliged, although reluctant to sit so close to Phil in the vast room.

With a hand on the shoulder of each of her subordinates, Nina lowered her head between their ears and spoke: "I'm very disappointed in both of you. And, being the type of manager I am, I can't sit back and let this kind of unrest go on."

"Now," she continued, as she stood up straight. "Lift your hands and join them together."

Exchanging dirty glances, Jennifer and Phil reluctantly raised and placed their respective left and right hands together between them.

"Good," Nina said, producing the shiny, clinking object she'd carried from her desk. She clasped one of the handcuffs around Phil's wrist. Jennifer withdrew uncertainly, letting go of Phil's hand, but Nina pulled it back and applied the other cuff to her wrist.

She walked to the other side of the table and stood before them. Like children they jerked their hands back and forth, struggling against each other in an effort to get comfortable.

"This," said Nina, holding the glinting key between her two fingers, like a cigarette. "Is a key. But it is not the key to your release."

She lifted her skirt and tucked the key into the top of her suspended stockings.

"If you want, you can go back to your desks and try and do your work... together... like that, which is barely different from what you do now. You fight against each other, though you don't realise you both want the same thing."

The two chained employees looked at each other uncomfortably, out of the corners of their eyes.

"Or," Nina offered the alternative. "For you to gain your, presently undeserving, freedom from these handcuffs. You will need to impress me - by working together as a team."

"And," she continued, dragging a chair away from the table so that she could sit. She crossed one of her thighs over the other - the key in her stocking catching the light enticingly. "For any team to work well together, you'll need to identify and embrace each others strengths and weaknesses."

Phil joined Nina in eyeing Jennifer's breasts. The taut pale-pink material was barely held together by the straining buttons down the front.

"Help her get a little more comfortable," she ordered suggestively, though they could all see she wasn't going to take no for an answer.

Jennifer went to unbutton her blouse, but Nina interrupted, "Let Phil do it. Let him -help- you, Jennifer."

Phil's hands took over and, for a moment, he forgot that this woman had frustrated him so much. He let his eyes soak up the sight as he revealed her full breasts. They looked so soft and round. He wanted to eat them - place his mouth around them, suck them inside, bite them.

Nina snickered behind her red lips and remarked, "And now Phil shows his weakness." It was a harsh innuendo and it made all eyes glance between Phil's legs. They saw what he had been feeling as he'd opened Jennifer's blouse. His pants were not loose enough to hide the engorged cock that had grown behind them.

"Phil is as easily distracted as he is... inspired. He has a short attention span, he wastes time, struggles to stay on topic..." said Nina, rattling off Phil's poorer qualities. "But, despite this, Jennifer, this perverted man is your colleague. Your team mate. And you cannot always choose who you work with, but you must make it work."

Nina looked at Jennifer and asked smoothly, "So, with your breasts on show like that, how do you think you can help Phil concentrate. Bearing in mind that you need to embrace his weaknesses, can you think of any way you can get him to focus again - alleviate his distraction?"

Jennifer looked confused, her breasts rising up and down as she breathed heavily. She pushed her chest towards Phil, watching as Nina nodded in approval.

Nina cocked her head to the side and tilted it, mouth slightly open, motioning for Phil to engage. He didn't need much encouragement and buried his face between the breasts before him, mouth closing and nibbling at the full mounds of flesh.

Jennifer arched her back in pleasure, pressing her breasts against the wet, lapping tongue that was making her nipples stand erect. She ran her fingers through his thick brown hair as his head moved  over her.

It was fun to watch her toys play with each other, Nina thought. Directing them as if they were mindless puppets that were suddenly becoming conscious, learning.

"I want you to suck his cock," she said.

Jennifer knelt on the floor between his thighs and took his cock from his pants, allowing a moan to escape her throat as it closed around Phil's hardness. She coated it with saliva, and sucked it hard, forcing groans from it's owner.

Phil used his advantage of having Jennifer's wrist secured to his to pull her hand to his cock. He clasped his hand over hers, guiding it up and down against the base, while the head was enclosed between her lips. Peach lipstick smeared from Jennifer's lips and coated his thick stem as she sucked.

"Don't you dare come without permission, Phil," Nina warned. "I need you to save some of that for Jennifer's pussy. Speaking of which... Phil, help Jennifer get those panties down."

Jennifer stood and with their hands held together, the two coworkers reached up her skirt and pulled the damp underwear to the floor.

"Jennifer, you are to sit on the table with your legs spread," Nina ordered, then added, "And from now on, you aren't to wear panties to work. Is that understood?" Jennifer nodded, shyly and sat on the table like she'd been told. Phil, held close to her by the handcuffs, stood before her, pants undone.

"Fuck her," she commanded.

Phil edged between the open legs in front of him and slid his cock into Jennifer's wet sex. They both gasped, hot and nervous with the new developments.

Nina rocked back in her chair, crossing her ankles on the table and feeling the vibrations as Jennifer was pounded.

"Fuck her, harder. She can take it!" she ordered, smiling, and Phil quickened his pace, grunting - low and guttural.

Jennifer gasped as Phil pushed into her, harder and deeper, for Nina's amusement. But she wasn't above enjoying it herself. As Phil moved into her, his groin pressed against her exposed clit. It send waves of intense pleasure that mounted on the sensations in her sex, as it was so boldly fucked.

She was reaching her climax, Jennifer - meeting Phil's thrusts. He was gripping her hard around the ass, struggling against his own desire for release.

Sensing this, Nina permitted, "If she comes, you can come with her."

"Come," he urged, whispering into Jennifer's ear and nibbling its lobe. He reached between her legs so that each thrust brought with it a flick of his finger across her clit. She moaned louder and louder, squeezing around him.

The feeling grew inside her, rising like a tide until she could hold it back no more. Jennifer screamed and the waters of pleasure washed over them both, Phil unable to stop himself from coming deep against her flow.

"Now that's teamwork," Nina laughed, taking her legs from the table and clapping.

Breathless, Phil withdrew and Jennifer looked at him, biting her lip, slightly ashamed at how she'd made his cock shine. He looked relieved, and offered her a consoling pat on the ass as she slid from the table.

Taking the key from her stocking, and bringing it over to unlock them, their boss looked proud. She stroked Jennifer's hair and winked at Phil, then turned from the room. They followed hurriedly.

Nina opened the double doors and cleared her throat loudly to get the attention of the office floor. The other employees craned their heads over the tops of the cubicle walls. Many were eager for the boss' approval and gathered closer, wheeling over in their chairs and leaving their desks to lean against the cubicle closest.

"It has -come- to my attention," she began, her voice calm but firm. "That there may be certain teamwork issues in this office. Knowing your colleagues well and being able to work together to reach your common goals is vital. Failure to do this should be considered a weakness - a weakness, that I will not tolerate. I've just dealt with one occurrence of poor teamwork in the Creative department."

Nina turned and gestured towards Phil and Jennifer, who were standing red-faced, behind her - their hair and clothes, ruffled.

"I'm sure," she continued, "Phil and Jennifer will be most willing to share their lessons with you and lead you in your own team-building exercise should you identify similar issues within your own teams."

With that, Nina strode, on her long, nylon legs, back to her office - her firm, skirted ass in tow.

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  1. Where do I apply?

    This was 100% delicious, Lil. I'll check out the other tales later today, now fully aware of how they may impact me. You should have a warning on all of your posts.:)


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