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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Shhh...: Taken Amongst the Shelves

"Shh... it's a library," came the cold, scowling hush of the Head Librarian, as she looked up from her desk.

Lilah gave her an apologetic glance as she bent down to collect her things. She had tripped and stumbled, dropping her bag as she entered the student library. Her belongings had clanged across the floor, causing everyone around her to stop and stare.

As she clambered to gather everything, she realised, with horror, that her pink, mini-vibe had skittered across the floor. It was lying next to a table leg on the other side of the Library foyer. She looked around quickly to see if anyone had noticed it, but they all seemed to have lost interest in her and were returning to their own business.

Glancing over to the table, she noticed a girl writing on a piece of paper up against the wall. Was that... Victoria? Victoria, or Tori as they called her, was quite popular among the campus. If she saw Lilah's little toy she would be sure to make the story known. But Tori seemed busy with what she was writing.

Lilah took a deep breath and walked quickly over to the table, preparing to crouch down and quickly pocket the vibe before anyone could see. But she was too late, as she bent over she saw only a pair of black leather boots where the vibe should have been...


Shit, thought Lilah, her face reddening and her stomach tightening. Tori saw her vibe...

But Tori just smiled faintly at her, her big blue eyes, wide and searching. Tori dropped the vibe into Lilah's satchel and walked away, towards the back of the library.

Phew, Lilah sighed. Perhaps she wouldn't tell. Her heart was still high and thumping in her chest and she took a moment to let her body adjust to the relief.

Breathing easier, she made her way to the shelves where her research would take place. After selecting six or seven references, she took the pile of books to the tables pushed together in the east wing of the library. There weren't too many people in this area, so she selected a chair with it's back facing against the wall and piled her books onto the table.

It was quiet here. Only low coughs and whispers could be heard, sounds that were swiftly met with harsher shushes and tsks. 

Lilah sat down and rummaged through her satchel for her notebooks, pulling them out and setting them on the table too. As she did this, she noticed a torn slip of paper float to the tabletop, as if it had been in her satchel and she'd whisked it out with her notebooks.

As the scrap of paper floated down in front of her, she noticed something written on it: Shhhh...

Weird, thought Lilah, brushing the paper aside. Perhaps she'd picked it up when she'd scrambled to retrieve her belongings from the floor.

She brushed a lock of her long, fiery red hair from her face and began opening the books, scanning the indexes.

Suddenly, she felt something brush against her ankle. She gasped and twisted to try and see under the table, but was met with a chorus of shushes. She sat up straight, her eyes darting around, falling back to the piece of paper. Was it an instruction?

Lilah shook her head and continued with her research, writing notes deliberately and furtively.

She felt the touch again... and froze. This time it was higher on her bare leg, tracing up her calf.

"What the.." she started...

"Shhhh..." echoed the chorus, drowning her out.

But the touch hadn't faded, and it was slowly climbing up her knee and onto her inner thigh.

"Who's there?" she whispered, as softly as she could. No reply - and the touch was gone.

Was she imagining things? Lilah thought back to her ridiculous entrance to the library and wondered if the earlier anxiety was making her paranoid. Exams were just around the corner. Essay deadlines too... Clearly, she -was- paranoid, she decided, twisting her legs, and tried to get back to her study.

A few moments went by, and though she swore she could feel the warmth of breath blowing against her naked legs, she tried to put it out of her brain. This was no time for distraction.

But then, it happened.

Soft hands grabbed her knees and pushed her thighs apart, cool air flowing against her cotton panties.

She couldn't help it - she shrieked. Loudly.

Through her panic, she saw the Head Librarian with two students, who were both pointing in her direction. Seconds later, the Head Librarian began marching towards her. With the hands still holding her thighs wide, Lilah was terrified.

The Head Librarian approached."What is the matter, girl? Are you ill?" she demanded, hands planted on her hips, a look of disapproval shooting over the rims of her half-spectacles.

Lilah stammered. She wanted to tell her that she cried out because there was someone under the desk. Someone touching her. But words failed her - stammering only mumbled syllables instead.

"If nothing is the matter," the librarian scolded, "then you will have to stop making such a fuss. There are others here trying to study. Exams are very soon, you know that. Have some respect or I'll have to have you banned from the library."

"B-banned?" Lilah managed to ask. How would she study for the exams?

"Yes." the librarian replied, coldly. "Now keep quiet. I don't want to hear another peep out of you." With that, the woman turned and left, shaking her head as she did.

The hands were still there. No, they were higher. They were stroking her thighs, taking delight in the goosebumps rising on Lilah's shivering flesh.


The voice was female. Familiar. Lilah's breath caught in her throat as she realised who it was.... Tori.

The hands stopped kneading her thighs, and moved higher, finding the dent in her panties and running fingers up and down it.

Lilah sat frozen, her arms clutching at the books and papers on the table in front of her. Tori was touching her. Tori didn't care that she could get Lilah in trouble. Tori didn't care that Lilah didn't want to be touched.

The fingers on her panties, pushed in at her now, finding her clit beneath the fabric. Pressing a thumb against it, while another hand played with the seam of her panties at the top of her right thigh. They slowly found their way underneath the fabric and pulled it aside.

There she sat, stiff as a board, panting as quietly as she could, with another student under the table taking a long, hard look at her. Lilah was a mess, she couldn't think what to do.

With her panties pushed aside, Lilah felt her soft lips being pulled and poked, then... sucked. Oh fuck, she thought. Now Tori's mouth was on her sex.

Holding her thighs wider still, Tori took the soft, wet, labia in her mouth, sucking them away from the mound as she did. With her hands pressed into those soft lean thighs, Tori could feel the girl's muscles tense as her sex was twisted and pulled in Tori's mouth.

Delighted with the taste of this innocent-acting student, Tori wanted to taste more. She grabbed Lilah's ankles and pulled them, causing the girl's ass to slide to the edge of the chair. With her legs pressed apart again, Lilah's sex was now close enough to lick.

Lilah, forced to slump down in her chair, looked around - panicked. She wondered if anyone could see what was happening, and dared not make a sound to cause them to look over.

A student scouring the shelves on the other side of the table, looked at her quizzically and Lilah realised she had been sitting stiffly the entire time, not moving, not reading or writing.

She grabbed desperately at at book, held it up and opened it somewhere in the middle. She hoped it would appear as if she was reading, or at the very least, hide her face.

Below, a mouth met and kissed her sex. Fingers stretched the lips apart so the tongue could whip at her clit. Lilah fought every urge in her body to stop herself yelping, squirming.

The mouth closed around her clit and began sucking it harder, softer, then harder again. It was warm over her sex and Lilah tied to relax. She tensed up again as a thumb was pressing up against her opening. It slid around, threatening to enter her, and Lilah realised just how wet she had become.

Shame rose in her, reddening her cheeks, and she raised the book higher.

Tori's free hand grabbed at her thighs, pressing her fingers in as she lapped at the swelling clit. Her prodding thumb, swapped places with two fingers that slid and slipped around Lilah's wet opening.

Lilah began to shiver. Her clit, sucked hard and deep into Tori's mouth, her sex starting to ache. Ache? Yes, it was aching for something. Something to be inside her. Those fingers... maybe? Lilah shook her head and tried to fight the dirty thoughts creeping into her mind.

But as the ripples of pleasure began to envelop her, the feelings of anxiety subsided. She rolled her head back and fought against the groan rising in her throat. Suddenly Lilah felt herself giving in, submitting to Tori - letting her take her body as she pleased. And liking it.

Somewhere in there - in those moments - before she could realise what had happened and, just as soon as she began to accept her submission... Tori was gone. The touch, the warmth of her mouth, the slip of her tongue - gone. Absent. But, where?

Lilah sat up, her eyes darting around the library, to the shelves around the tables. There.

Tori stood, smirking, and leaning against a shelf. She mouthed, "Come here," and, motioned with her head, indicating that she wanted Lilah to follow her.

Lilah stood, her mind in argument with her body, as Tori disappeared between the shelves. But her body won, and she reluctantly followed down the dark, dimly lit aisle between the books.

Carefully, Tori pulled Lilah to her and, pressed her cheek against her own. She took a moment to nibble at Lilah's ear then whispered very quietly and deliberately, "Do not speak. I'm going to continue what I started on you, but there are three rules."

"Rule one," Tori began, her hand running through Lilah's hair. "You must stand here, legs apart, and you must not move or make any sounds. If you do, I -will- hurt you." Tori nuzzled at into Lilah's hair and breathed deeply. "And," she continued, "when you scream out in pain, they will ban you from the library... and you will fail your exams."

Tori lent back to make sure Lilah was following. "Understood?" she whispered sharply.

Lilah nodded - her body forced her too.

Bringing her lips back towards Lilah's ear, Tori explained further. "Rule two. I am going to lick you and make you come, but in order for me to do that I want you to do something, too." She paused again, making sure Lilah took in everything. "You must hold your nipples and twist them hard for me. So hard that it stings you. Understood?"

Lilah nodded again as if her mind was just a mere spectator now, watching her and thinking that Lilah would agree to anything at this point.

"And rule three." Tori's lips were pushed right against Lilah's ear. "You must hold this vibe inside of your anus, until you come."

Lilah stiffened as she saw the vibe that Tori had produced - her vibe. The one she had dropped. In the commotion Lilah had thought she saw Tori place it back in the satchel but... no. There it was. She had kept it, planning this whole thing.

With this new information Lilah weakened, but nodded just the same.

Tori's hands grabbed at her now, bending Lilah over at the hips and lifting her skirt to reveal her panties still pushed aside. Tori turned the vibe on and began rubbing it lightly around Lilah's sex, coating it in her wetness. Then, slowly and deliberately Tori began inserting it into her ass, her free hand cupping Lilah's mouth to ensure that she would not make a sound.

Lilah, held her breath, bracing herself as Tori pressed it inside her, making her muscles vibrate as it penetrated her ass. She couldn't help but bite down on the hand over her mouth, something to help her take the intrusion.

"Shhh," Tori soothed, as the vibe was in as far as it could go. "Now stand."

She stood obediently as Tori ripped Lilah's shirt open and released each breast from it's lace cup. Then, Tori guided the girl's hands to her own, naked breasts and whispered firmly, "Twist them hard. I can feel you tense up when you do that. So if you stop, I'll know."

Lilah pulled her erect nipples with her fingers and began twisting them, painfully enough to make her mouth open wide and her eyes shut tight.

Satisfied with her obedience, Tori knelt between Lilah's legs and resumed her licking. She again parted the lips to expose the swollen, aching clit, and began sucking harder than before - the sudden pressure sending a jolt through Lilah's sex.

And as she sucked, she pushed her long fingers inside the wetness, curling around and pressing against the walls of Lilah's opening. But Tori was not as kind as she was under the table, she fucked Lilah hard with her fingers, slamming them inside her sex, sneaking in another finger and another.

Standing there, legs trembling, being fingered furiously, ass clenched around the vibe, her nipples searing,... Lilah could take no more.

The orgasm washed over her body, as though every inch of her skin was aflame, her sex squirting it's orgasm over Tori's fingers. Lilah felt faint and stepped back to lean against the shelves for support. She closed her eyes and relished how her whole body was still so sensitive, every nerve ending screaming.

When she finally opened her eyes, Tori was gone. No trace of her but the scrap of paper she'd pushed into Lilah's bra before she'd left.

Lilah took the piece of paper and held it before her, reading it aloud:


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  1. Oh. My. God.

    That was so hot, Lil! Mmmm...great bedtime story. Thank you!


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