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Friday, October 29, 2010

Cynthia's Punishment

Cynthia Merrick dropped a client file in John's in-tray and winked at him as she passed. Her walk from his desk was deliberately suggestive - the long strides she took forced a perfect bounce from her behind as it swung from her hips. The Accounts boys sounded their appreciation with a chorus of whistles.

She headed to the break room, passing by the open door of Nina Hanson's office, unaware that her little show had also aroused her boss' attention.

Pouring herself a coffee from the jug of the drip brew, Cynthia turned at the echo of high-heeled footsteps joining her in the kitchenette. She saw Nina entering and grinned broadly.

Raising her mug in acknowledgment, she said, "That time of the morning, huh?"

Nina's lips crept into a sly smirk. "We all have our vices," she replied. "But, actually, I came to enquire about the database I asked your to put together last week."

"Oh," said Cynthia, her smile fading. "I haven't got to that yet."

"Well, then perhaps we'd better continue this conversation in my office."

Nina's face no longer glinted with any encouragement to friendly small talk. She was sincere - her arms were crossed over her waist, petulantly. Cynthia lowered her mug and bowed her head - she was in trouble.

Following her boss from the break room, Cynthia searched her brain for something to say. She knew how harsh Nina could be when she was disappointed. Why had she let this request slip her mind?

She'd been the Accounts Clerk for a year now. Though she ultimately reported to Nina, her job was primarily to support the Desire Advertising Accounts team. She loved working with the boys - every day was a laugh, filled with harmless flirtation and innuendo. They often tried to outdo each other with how abstract their insinuations could be:

"I'd like to restock her stationary cupboard," one would say.

"Careful she doesn't overuse the sharpener, if you know what I mean," winked another.

"She might as well file yours under "Small Accounts", Jeff," and they'd all burst with raucous laughter.

But Cynthia wasn't laughing, now.

"Take a seat." Nina's voice rocked Cynthia from her thoughts. She looked to her boss, who was waiting for her in the doorway to the office, and followed her arm to the chair she was pointing at. She sat and Nina pressed the door closed behind them, her fingers lingering and tracing a delicate line down the frame.

Her boss' eyes glared at her, and Cynthia felt the expectant silence urge her to speak.

"I'm sorry, Nina." she offered, hopefully.

Nina lent against the desk in front of the clerk, her arms clasped in her lap, perhaps to appear as if she was ready to listen.

"So, is my understanding correct? You haven't even started the task I set for you last week?" Her voice feigned sweetness, though it was thick with stern undertones.

"That's correct. I must have let it slip my mind." Cynthia replied, her words slightly muffled below her down-turned face.

Nina sighed, then spoke with deep authority: "Stand up and put you palms on the desk."

"Sorry?" The girl's voice trembled in fear and confusion.

"Stand up," she repeated, impatiently. "And put your palms on the desk!"

The strange order took her by surprise, but, eager to make up for her oversight, Cynthia obliged. Her hands found the desk in front of her as she lent towards it.

"Raise your skirt and lower your stockings," were the further instructions.

"What?" Cynthia was stunned, again. Suddenly all the things she'd seen around Desire formed a hard, clear picture - the unquestioning acceptance of Nina's direction, the excitement tinged with fear she saw in her coworkers' eyes when Nina walked by, the hushed remarks, the strange physical  reenactments played out secretly in the bathrooms and behind cubicle walls. "Nina the Domina"... it all made sense now.

"You heard what I said, girl. Do -not- force me to repeat myself again."

Nina's voice boomed below the images in her mind. Kept by her realisations, Cynthia found the same excited angst, that she had observed, rise up within her. She tucked her skirt above her hips and began peeling her stockings down her thighs, replacing her hands on the desk.

"You seem to have a problem understanding my instructions, Cynthia. Would you agree?"

She nodded.

"Bend over the desk." As the girl lowered herself and stretched her palms out across the surface before her, Nina continued. "You failed to perform a simple task for me. And I don't ask much of you, do I?"

"No, Nina."

"I do not tolerate defiance in my office, do I?"


"You shall be punished so that next time I ask something of you, you are not so quick to forget."

Cynthia nodded. "Yes."

Nina's hand brushed against the soft panties of the bottom presented before her, sizing it up. Dissatisfied, she grabbed the elastic above the girl's ass and pulled it down, revealing the tender, soft cheeks beneath. She raised her hand and brought it down sharply against the exposed flesh.

Cynthia gasped, her face reddening with embarrassment, humiliation.

Another slap landed against her ass, sending her hips hard into the desk. Then another, and another.

Suddenly the spankings subsided and Cynthia heard her boss pull something from a filing cabinet on the side wall.

"Perhaps this will help drive my point home," Nina spoke as she produced a two-pronged vibrator from the cabinet and held it in front of the girl's face for her to see.

The thing looked incredible. One side of it was long and thick and curved inward, while the other was shorter, with a wide round surface. Before she could imagine what it would do, it was removed from her sight.

Nina was behind her now, prodding and poking between her slightly-parted thighs. Then, some of what had, at first, felt like fingers were actually the prongs of the vibrator, pressing against her. The long stem was slowly inserted into Cynthia's sex, and as it moved deeper, it brought the smaller stem against her burgeoning bud.

A groan hummed through the girl's throat as Nina turned the thing on and it began pulsing and twisting, bringing such deviant pleasure. Cynthia felt so naughty letting her boss play with her like this. But it was so... good.

"Hold it there," came the command and Cynthia reached behind her to keep the vibrator in place inside her. The slight pressure of her own hand made her moan again.

Nina stood and with the girl suitably subdued by the toy, continued the spanking. She painted roses on Cynthia's ass with her punishing smacks, teaching...




The single-minded spanking burnt her ass, but it thrilled Cynthia to her core. She couldn't take the punishment without feeling the urge rise higher and higher.

Her sex,  throbbed against the object that filled it, and her ass felt raw and abused. As the spanking continued she could no longer hold back her climax. It spilt over the toy and she screamed, loud enough that several heads outside the office turned. The smaller prong rattled against her clit, elongating her orgasm.

As Cynthia quietened, her climax over, Nina ceased her assault then ran her hand soothingly across the hot skin. Slowly she lowered her hand and switched off the toy.

"You may go now," she said, after sliding the vibrator from the girl's slippery sex. She held it behind her back as she watched Cynthia gather herself and humbly move from the room.

"I hope this has given you some motivation to finish that database," she added.

Cynthia nodded meekly and closed the door.

Alone, Nina brought the toy from behind her back and held it to her lips. She tasted the sweet nectar that coated the long stem and let the warm scent fill her nostrils.

She eased herself onto the desk, still warm from the body that had been so recently bent over it - her hand searching between her own thighs...

Outside, with her face as pink and scorned as her cheeks below her skirt, Cynthia crept silently to her cubicle. One glimpse of the way she edged tenderly into her chair was enough to tell the Accounts boys where she'd been.

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  1. Very dirty and sexy :)

  2. My own workplace is currently struggling with "employee motivation" - I may suggest this as a possible remedy!

  3. I like the contrast between something as mundane as a database and the erotic consequences of not completing it - this strongly reminded me of my favourite scene from Viv Thomas's "Office Girls".

  4. Thanks for nice Hot and sexy story sharing with this I bookmarked it for future use.


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