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Monday, October 25, 2010

Coveting Thy Neighbour (Part 2)

I do apologise for taking so long to put out the second part to this story. For all you loyal readers, here it is.

In Part 2, Beth must progress into complete submission before Don will take her.

If you need to catch up, read Part 1 here.


Beth lies on the table, her consciousness flirting with some other reality. She's caught on the precipice between pleasure and complete sexual submission. Her uncertainly for what Don had made her feel rings out and makes her tremble.

He is unravelling her...

Don muses, running his fingers over Beth's steaming skin. Beads of her perspiration relent to his touch and drag in its wake. He smiles and adores the way she yields to him - has yielded to him. Physically he has controlled her body, and by doing so, he has entered her mind. In this state he can take what he needs from her.

He wants her to prove herself as his submissive. He needs her to beg for his domination before he can fuck her - before he can feel alive inside of her.

Don takes the knife he'd used earlier to remove Beth's panties, and slashes at the ties holding her ankles to the table. She is weak from her orgasm and doesn't struggle as he turns her over. Her arms cross, still held to the tops of the other table legs.

Pleased that she does not fight him, Don allows her feet to remain free. Her toes reach for the floor and push against it, on tip-toe.

Holding his hand against Beth's ass, so beautifully presented, with her body bent over the edge of the table, Don begins to speak.

"Beth, I believe that you have, within you, the great desire to be dominated."

Beth's ears pricked up, dragging her down from the floating sensation that still lingers, like wordless poetry, after her orgasm. Not just her orgasm, but the -way- she had climaxed. The way she was controlled. The way pleasure and pain were forced upon her, and her body - through that climax, accepted it.

"And I, myself, need to dominate you. I -must- have you submit to me," he went on. The words were harsh against the soft, cloudiness in Beth's head.

"I am going to test you, Beth." His hand caressed her bottom, cupping and tracing its outline. "It is a test of trust; trust in that I know what is best for you. I know how far you must be pushed. I know how much you can take."

Beth felt the fear rise in her. She arched up and turned to him, seeing the seriousness in his glare. Her heart beat harder, persistent against her chest. She closed her eyes, squeezing them tight, as if she could force this reality away.

"I know that your body will try to resist me. You will feel the need to make me stop. But, you must trust that I know what you need."

He picked up the panties from the floor and held them in front of her face, the roll of duct tape hung around his wrist. Beth squirmed at the sight of it, remembering how she'd woken to find it inside her mouth, how it had stopped her screams for help from being heard.

"I'm going to gag you again," Don told her. "Because I know that you do not trust me, yet. And you will try to tell me to stop. But I will release you from it once I feel you are nearing your limit. By then, you will know when to tell me to stop."

Though she shook her head away, he gripped her chin and forced the underwear between her lips. And though she tried to push it out with her tongue, he held it in place and secured it with the duct tape. Beth moaned furiously into the gag, but he ignored her and returned to her ass.

Lightly, he began slapping her ass cheeks, laying his hand against it with the slightest smacking sound. Gradually the spanking increased in speed and impact, Beth, as Don had predicted, screaming into the gag for it to stop.

The other men were watching on with interest. They had been mere tourists, willing, but unconscious participants in Beth's domination - but though she could see them, they were barely there. They did not matter. All that mattered was Don, and his test.

The slaps were countless, pounding Beth's ass, causing it to glow and sear. Even the air that rushed into the vacuum of his receding palm would cut and graze at her skin. She felt she could take no more, but he continued, each smack compounding with the pain of the last.

Beth writhed, trying to shift the focus to an area less beaten. As she did, she noticed how the lips of her sex slipped against each other. She was growing wetter still. The shame and agony of the spanking had not deterred her body's arousal, she marvelled.

It was a beautiful feeling. The pain sliced the world away. It cut away everything else outside this moment. Everything else no longer existed. It made things clearer.

And he was right, she had taken more pain than she would have thought - would have allowed.

Don saw her head drop to the side, and though she reeled from each slap, she was accepting it. He instructed Harry to take off her gag.

The underwear seemed to fall from her mouth in slow motion. Each slap drove against her, bringing its pain and, with it, the wearing down of her resistance. Beth imagined it as if each impact was knocking another brick out of the wall in her mind.

"Please stop, Sir." Then, to Don's delight, she added, "You have found me... and I am yours."

"Good girl," he soothed.

She longed for him to hold her now. Take her in his strong arms and hide her shame. She did feel shame. Everything she knew - had learned - stood in steady opposition to this submission. She was a strong woman - independent and proud - yet she lay there, subdued by force, her ass stinging red.

But he did not hold her, though he could see the tiny hairs on her skin prick up in anticipation. She would get what she wanted... after he got his.

"Would you like me to fuck you, now?" Don asked.

Beth nodded sincerely, "Yes, Sir. Please."

"I will do so, for you have proven yourself. But, understand, that with pleasure, must come pain."

She nodded again. Whatever the consequences, she needed him inside her. Her void could only be filled by his closeness. Already she missed his touch, though he was only a few feet away.

To her delight, he moved towards her. He turned her over onto her back again, her arms twisting back to how they had been - held wide apart on the table.

"For each thrust of my cock, you must give your pussy to a slap with this belt," Don explained and Beth's eyes widened. But he had already made her trust him before, and she must again - trust that he would only do to her what she could stand.

So it began. The belt wrapped in his hand as he dealt her five strikes across her exposed sex. Then, as she suffered from the pain, he pulled himself inside and thrust into her five times. She moaned in pleasure, begging for it to continue, but he receded and began to whip her with the leather again.

Beth cried out, pulling her legs against the bonds that held them apart, trying to close them together to stop the pain. But, it was no use, and her body was made to accept another five lashes of the belt.

It continued like this, each series of punishment being equally rewarded by his lunging cock. Beth fought the pain and relaxed into the pleasure - her body torn between the two sensational extremes.

Don was bringing her to a climax now - a higher, truer climax. She could no longer fight it and submitted to the whipping. She took the pain and found pleasure in the pressure it provided. Each time the leather hit, she wished it would collect her clit with the impact.

He had been pressing deep inside her, and she was so close. Her eyes welled with pleasure, threatening to capsize. And as he struck her sex, it bounced against her clit and pushed her to that place. She was falling down and flying upwards, crying and gasping in joy. The poignancy overthrew her and she submitted to the long, encapsulating orgasm.

As he saw her come to the slap of his belt, his insides rejoiced and he plunged into her, letting the grip and flow of her orgasm engulf him. He came hard against the strong push of her sex.

Beth's eyes, watery with passion, met his own and they breathed together.

Don stumbled backwards, dazed from the unexpectedly strong climax. He motioned for the other men, watching on with mouths agape, to come over. They could use her as they wished. He permitted it - for she was now his.

And as they invaded her, coating her with their streams of cum, from every angle, Beth didn't care. She was gliding across the room, fixated only on her Master.

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