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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Seduction of Diana

This is my take on a story that was told to me by a lovely young lady I talk with online - how she met her female lover.

When they talk about their loving relationship, it makes me my heart light up. So, D & S, this is for you. 

(I hope you don't mind that I've taken a little creative license with the details!)

With love, licks and lashings,



The bar was dimly lit: red lanterns sat over the bulbs that hung from the ceiling and filled the air with a deep sensuality.

Diana pours the last of the vodka mixer into her mouth, her red lipstick leaving a signature on the glass. The ice clinks as she places the empty tumbler on the table and looks across to her boyfriend, who is finishing up the last drops of his own drink.

"Another?" Diana suggests, sliding from the booth where they sat, and clutching her purse.

He shakes his head and she proceeds to the bar, edging past groups of happy drinkers. She notices an open space at the bar and heads towards it. The bar sticks to the bare skin of her arms as she leans against it, motioning for the attention of the bartender.

Beside her, the girl who she will eventually know as Stella, nudges in - squeezing between Diana and a man on her left. Stella leans towards Diana, speaking softly, but boldly.

"Heya," she starts, and Diana turns. "I saw you with that guy, and you looked wrong... I could make tonight special for you..."

Diana pays the bartender for the drinks she's ordered, quiet to Stella's advances.

"If you're interested, I'll be in the bathroom in five minutes. If you come... you'll cum." Stella smiles and walks away as Diana sucks back the vodka in front of her. She takes the strong liquid in her mouth and swallows hard.

Diana can't believe this girl would speak to her like that. But something in her stirs. Everything she had been taught fought against her, but her body urges her on. Though filled with anticipation, her curiosity gets the best of her. Just... what would happen if she did go?

Bound by Stella's intoxicating invitation, Diana places her glass down on the counter and walks to the bathroom. She feels her legs trembling with each step.

Before she realises, she's there - in the bathroom. Stella meets her and they stand in front of the dirty bathroom mirror, decorated in the sordid messages of drunken lipstick pens.

"Well hello," smirks Stella. "I knew you would come... And if you want... I'll make you cum again."

As she speaks, she slips her hand underneath the floating hem of Diana's dress, making her way purposely between her thighs.

Diana, shocked by the words and the way Stella is stealing up her body, raises her hand. She slaps Stella's cheek.

Stella returns her face from the impact and speaks lowly, her eyes piercing, "So, you are a naughty, mean girl."

She slaps Diana back and pulls her into the cubicle, her firm grasp sending tingles over Diana's skin, turning her hairs on end. The woman is powerful, yet sensual, and Diana cannot help but give in to her.

In the cubicle, Stella has Diana against the wall, her hands again between the long, warm thighs. She works her fingers around the damp panties and feels the wetness of her sex. Pushing upwards, she holds Diana to her, entering her.

Stella fucks with her fingers, pushing in and searching inside Diana's sex. She smiles as Diana gasps and grabs her shoulders for support, the penetration making her weak with pleasure.

With one hand on the cubicle wall next to Diana's rolling neck, Stella gains leverage and forces her hand faster and deeper. Each thrust of her arm brings Diana closer to her orgasm. Each withdrawal of her fingers grazes the inside of her sex, making her long for yet another strong advance.

Soon, Diana cannot fight her body any more. She let's herself come to the rocking of Stella's arm, it's fingers extended beneath her dress. She orgasms, as Stella had promised - a harsh, awakening climax that pulls them close together.

Diana comes down, in Stella's arms, alive with a blossoming internal knowledge. A knowledge they shared.


And this, dear Readers, was only the beginning. Perhaps it is at the core of their love that, over time, Stella got Diana to realise who she really was. 

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