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Monday, October 18, 2010

Coveting Thy Neighbor (Part 1)

It was 1:48am and Beth couldn't sleep.

Her neighbor Jon, across the hall, was having some kind of party, and all the loud music, frat boy chanting and laughter had kept her awake for the past couple of hours. She was young herself so she hadn't wanted to be the complaining neighbor, but at this point she didn't really have a choice.

Beth threw a robe over her naked body and made her way to the apartment across the hall. She knocked on the door a few times and waited. Then knocked louder. A minute went by. Couldn't they hear her over this music? She banged the door with her fists and tried calling... "Hello?"

At last she heard someone moving near the door...
The door opened and she saw a large man with his back to her. He yelled back into the apartment, "Are you sure that's gonna be enough booze to get us through, Jon - this is gonna be a big weekend!" The man in the doorway got his response from inside the apartment and turned sharply to leave.

That was the last thing Beth saw before she crumpled to the floor.


"Oh shit!" the man gasped. "What the fuck, Jon? Who is this?"

Another man, Gordon, moved to the doorway, "You knocked out the stripper, Harry! Ah ha! Nice work!"

"I didn't order no stripper", Jon remarked as he stumbled over drunkenly to join the growing circle of his mates in the doorway. "Shit, get her inside man. I don't want my neighbours to see a stripper at my door."

Gordon and Harry quickly grabbed Beth's arms and legs and pulled her inside the apartment, with Jon jumping against the door to close it. Cheers rose up across the apartment as the other five of Jon's friends noticed the silken clad woman being dragged inside.

"She's pretty hot, who ordered her?" asked Jon.

Jon knelt down next to Beth to get a closer look. He started running his hand slowly up her leg.

"Oh my god!" Jon suddenly exclaimed. "It's fucking Beth!"

"Who the hell is Beth?" Harry asked.

"My fucking neighbor, that's who. She lives right across the hall! You knocked out my neighbor! What the hell are we gonna do now?"

The room went silent as Jon and his five guests looked at each other for ideas. Finally Harry spoke up.

"Well, we can't exactly take her back home - she's unconscious. And we can't exactly call an ambulance. Won't they kind of wonder how she got knocked out?"

"It was an accident, wasn't it?"

"Yeah but, man, we're all drunk and... Tom's got that... shit he brought here and... we'll get in trouble if we tell anyone. Just... just help me move her."

Jon bent down and grabbed Beth's ankles as Harry took her beneath the armpits and began walking her towards the long table in the middle of the lounge room. Harry laid her upper body down on the table and helped Jon arrange her legs at the other end.

Jon, confused, looked to Harry and started "Why not the couch...?" but Harry had already disappeared into Jon's bedroom. A few moments later he reappeared with four of Jon's ties.

"What are you doing?" Jon started up again.

But Harry ignored him, instead he shoved two of the ties into the hands of Tom who was standing near the table admiring how Beth's robe had slid open to reveal her two long lean legs. Harry motioned for Tom to assist him. Quickly, Harry and Tom secured Beth's hands and ankles to the table legs, leaving her spread across the table - on show in the middle of the room.

"There. Now we just need to wait for her to wake up so we can explain what happened before she goes to the cops on us or something." said Harry, dusting his hands with a wry smile.

"It's such a pity really" came a new voice. Don had been watching this whole escapade in quiet interest and had now moved over to the table. His index finger was gently tracing circles around Beth's now bound ankle.

"What do you mean?" Harry asked with sinister curiosity.

"I mean, my good friend, that we have a beautiful -helpless- woman, completely at our mercy here. It's such a shame you all want to just... leave her like this. I really think she would look a lot better like this." As he spoke, Don began sliding Beth's body towards the end of the table, the bondage sliding up the table legs as he did so. Beth's toes were now touching the floor, her ankles spread wide and secured to the bottom of the table legs, her ass resting on the edge of the table and her arms now reaching back behind her head. Her silk dressing gown had now slid up above her waist exposing a pair of white cotton panties.

"Fuck that's hot" Jon exclaimed.

Don began untying the robe slowly, allowing it to slide down Beth's body until she lay there, open and naked except for her panties.

"Grab a beer, boys. It's time to enjoy the show"

Don grabbed a knife from the kitchen and began to slide it up Beth's right thigh, letting it glide lightly enough to not cut. He pushed his fingers inside her panties, then pressed the knife against the side of the cotton, allowing it to fray and split against the knife's edge. He did this for both sides of the underwear until the white material fell to the ground.

"Wake her up" Don ordered as he walked to Jon's laundry room.

Harry and Tom who had been watching eagerly began to slap Beth's face with increasing force in an effort to wake her, but her limp body wouldn't stir. They laughed when they saw what Don was bringing back from the laundry: a bucket of cold water.

"Stand back!" Don barked as he positioned the bucket. After his friends had moved away Don dumped the bucket of water onto Beth - over her face, her neck, her breasts and torso - covering her completely with icy cold water.

The shock woke Beth with a start and she began to writhe and moan on the table as her predicament was realised. The cold water made her nipples stand on end and this was more than Tom could resist. He bent over the table and flicked a nipple into his mouth with his tongue, closing his lips around it and sucking. He placed a hand firmly against her ribs to stop her jerking away and began lashing her nipple with his tongue.

Gordon had her other nipple between with fingers now, pulling it and twisting it hard away from her body. Beth groaned loudly in protest, which only encouraged him. His mouth closed around her nipple and he bit down, lightly at first to gauge her reaction - which was one of horror. Gordon laughed and bit down harder watching her eyes grow wider and hearing her moans of protest grow louder.

Jon lent against the stereo in the corner of the room and increased the volume a little, to ensure that nobody had any chance of hearing Beth's muffled cries.

Harry was standing at the end of the table. His jeans were already tight with his hard cock just from watching  and he was desperate to touch her. He stood between Beth's pinned-open thighs and let his hand wander towards her sex. He cupped it with his hand for a moment, holding it firmly, before pushing two fingers inside her. Beth moaned into her gag. Harry slid his fingers in and out of her forcefully, quickening with ever stroke.

Now Jake stood the head of the table. He had a fistful of Beth's hair and was pulling his long, thick cock from his pants. He slid his shaft along her cheeks, teasing her. With a sharp jerk, he pulled her head to one side and pushed the head of his cock up against the tape across her mouth. With one hand in her hair, forcing her face against his crotch, he began to peel back the tape with his fingers.

Suddenly Don stood up. He hadn't taken his cock out yet, although it was clearly bulging from watching the assault on Beth.

"Stop." he commanded, loudly and firmly.

"What the hell man?" Harry looked up, his fingers still deep inside Beth's sex. The other boys were looking at Don too.

"This girl's a whore." Don began. "Look what you're doing to her... and she's loving it." Beth was struggling against the restraints but her sex was now glistening around Harry's fingers - her body betraying her.

The guys laughed and turned to continue with their pleasures, but Don raised his hand for them to stop.

"A whore like this should really be punished." Don mused. He turned and walked slowly from the room, towards the kitchen. The other guys stared after him in confusion. They heard noises from the kitchen and within moments Don had returned, in his hand a cucumber he'd found in Jon's fridge.

Beth's eyes widened in horror and she began struggling against her bonds, screaming into her gag. She could see what Don's intentions were.

"Ohhh yeah!" cheered Harry, pulling away from Beth, his fingers slick with her juices. "Fucking put that in her!"

The others agreed excitedly and backed away, leaving Beth alone on the table with Don advancing towards her. Her eyes were wide with fear and she struggled even more furiously.

Don reached a hand between her legs where she was glistening from the finger-fucking she had just received. His hand rested there for a moment before retreating and returning sharply, delivering a painful slap to her sex. Next he used his thumb and forefinger to hold her labia open and delivered a harder, sharper slap with his other hand. This time is collected her clit with the impact and Beth arched her back and howled into her gag in response.

"Little sluts like you need to be punished." Don growled in a low voice. "Little sluts like you need to be stretched open."

Beth began moving madly on the table, but Don motioned for two of the guys to hold her still. They pressed her chest and stomach down firmly. She screamed, but could not move.

Don began to insert the cucumber between Beth's swollen lips, gathering juices she'd created from the previous finger-fucking. He watched Beth's face as he pushed it against her, her muscles tightening to try and stop the invasion, her chest rising and falling against the hands that held her still. She knew what was going to happen.

"You're gonna like this, slut" Don growled and slid the cucumber just inside her opening.

Beth's eyes widened. The cucumber was wider than any cock she'd had before, and longer. But before she could even make another noise, he forced the object all the way inside her with his palm. The boys cheered and Beth shrieked into her gag.

"You like that, bitch? A nice full pussy?" More laughter. Don admired the look of her swollen pussy lips spread tightly around the object. He laid another firm smack to the top of her pussy and watched her stiffen in pain.

Beth winced and breathed deeply, trying desperately to fight the pain and humiliation and allow her body to accommodate this huge object inside her. It had forced her open. She felt so exposed.

"How about these?" asked Harry, holding up a clothes pin in each hand.

"Put them on her tits." Don ordered with a wry smile.

Harry motioned for one of the men holding her down to move away. The other man held her firmly to the table as Harry pulled her left nipple. He smiled as he twisted and pulled at it, before bending over and flicking the nipple into his mouth with his tongue. He sucked it for a moment before biting down hard. Beth moaned again.

He withdrew and pulled her nipple towards him, securing a clothes pin around it and letting go. Beth screamed into her gag and shook her head furiously at Harry as he began pulling her right nipple.

Harry held her nipple firmly and laid a sharp smack across her breast with his other hand before placing the other pin. The pain was searing and Beth began to whimper. She was taking short shallow breaths - her body trying to adjust to the sharp pain in her breasts and the widening of her sex. Every time her body tightened in pain, it forced the object up into her, pushing up further against her g spot, causing pleasure. Her whole body was shaking as she could barely stand all the sensations.

"She can take more." Jon remarked from across the room. He was holding a bottle of hand cream he'd retrieved from the bathroom. He handed it to Don.

"You want more, don't you, slut?" Don smirked, twirling the bottle with his fingers. It was long round cylinder about 4cm in diameter.

Beth writhed on the table, shaking her head and protesting as best she could with her arms secured behind her, her torso pressed against the table and her mouth full of her own underwear. No, she thought. I can't. Please.

Don reached between her legs, coating his fingers with the juices forming around the large object stuffed inside. Lowering his hand a little, he began to rub the juices around Beth's tight asshole.

"I think this would fit nicely in your little ass, don't you, Beth?"

Beth jolted against her restraints. Never has she had anything in her ass. Never has she let any of her boyfriends anywhere near there, let alone... She was sweating now with fear and anticipation, her pinched nipples erect, her muscles tightening in her pussy, forcing the object deeper inside her. She let out a loud groan to the delight of the crowd watching her.

Don pushed two fingers against her ass hole, pushing into her until her skin had to give and let them inside. Beth groaned louder and Don continued to push inside her, pulling down to open her ass more. He was being more forceful now, and Beth let out a muffled cry of pain as Don worked a third and fourth finger into her asshole, her pussy juices allowing him to slide in and out of her.

"I love a virgin asshole" Don grinned, his fingers twisting and turning inside her. "So tight."

"This is gonna hurt you..."

The room filled with cheers and laughter as Don rubbed the bottle Jon gave him earlier against her slick sex and lowered it towards her ass. Slowly, he pulled his fingers from inside her and began replacing them with the bottle. He pushed and twisted it, forcing Beth's ass to accept the object.

Beth's eyes were closed tightly and her cheeks were quivering as she muffled protests. Don watched her face intently as he forced the bottle all the way inside her. The man holding her backed away as Beth arched up as far as her bonds will allow her, and screamed into the gag.

Harry ran a hand down her cheek and laughed, "Oh, she likes that. Being stuffed full like that. All filled up in your ass and pussy. Do you like that, whore?"

Beth could do nothing but pant as her tight, stiff body tried to accept the pain of the intrusions. It hurt so much to have these things forced inside her, but Beth also felt fuller than she ever had before. Her pussy and ass stretched tight, pushing her to places sex had never taken her before.

"I -said-, do you like that, whore?" Harry brought a hand down sharply on her cheek. And again.

"Yeah, whore!" Jon joined in, slapping her breast so hard it knocked the clothes pin from her nipple, revealing it's pink swollen flesh.

The other men in the room began advancing towards her. Jake, who had been sitting on the edge of the couch, slowly jerking his long, hard cock to the show in front of him, moved to where Beth's right hand was secured to the table. He grabbed her hand in his fist and wrapped it around his cock.

"Jerk my cock, whore." he whispered, leaning over so his mouth was next to her ear.

Beth turned her head away from him and grunted what sounded like a "No".

"I -said-, jerk my cock, you little slut. Don't you want to make me come all over you? Isn't that what you're here for?"

Beth shook her head again and tried to wriggle as far away from Jake as she could. Don was watching as Jake tried to force Beth's hand up and down his shaft. He frowned and began to remove the belt from his pants, sliding it out and slapping it lightly into his palm.

"Jerk his cock, Beth." Don swung the belt back through the air and slapped it down across her breasts, the impact causing the other peg to fly off her breast. Beth screamed into the gag as her flesh reeled. Don whipped the leather down twice more, striking her nipples and breasts, sending pain rippling across Beth's body. Beth's eyes began to water but she met Don's gaze and realised she had to obey. Jake released his grip on Beth's hand and she slowly began to jerk his cock, as much as the restraints would allow her.

Gordon was standing on the other side of the table. He took Beth's other hand and held it to his own throbbing shaft. Beth looked to Don again for a moment. She knew he was in charge. In control. She would have to do as he commanded to minimise the pain these men would cause her. She kept Don's gaze as she began to slide her hand tightly up and down Gordon's cock. His eyes sent a surge of heat through her body, her sex.

Mark and Tom were now groping her body. Their tongues, teeth, hands and cocks pushing, pulling, rubbing and slapping her flesh, abusing her. Beth's body was no longer hers. She was at the mercy of these men.

Harry moved closer and bent over Beth. He dragged his tongue across her cheek and bit her ear, her neck. Beth gasped and opened her eyes. Harry's cock was right in front of her face, thick, long and glistening with pre-cum. Swiftly, Harry ripped the tape from Beth's mouth and pulled out the soaked white cotton panties. Beth opened her mouth to scream for help, but before she could make a sound Harry's cock was thrust into her mouth.

Harry grabbed a fistful of Beth's hair and forced her to take his cock into her throat. "You'll suck me, slut. You'll suck the cum out of me. And if I feel any teeth..." Harry looked over to Don, who slapped the belt against the palm of his hand again.

Beth closed her eyes, and Harry began to fuck her face, shaking the table with the force of his thrusts. Forcing his cock in and out of her throat.

"Suck me deeper, whore. Take my cock." He struck her cheek with his palm and she reluctantly, but obediently began to suck, harder.

"That's it, bitch. Oh, look how much you love sucking cock."

With her eyes shut tight and Harry's balls slapping against her cheek, Beth couldn't see that Jon had moved to the end of the table. He was standing between her legs with his firm cock in his fist. He knelt down and began removing the cucumber. Slowly, he slid it from her now very wet sex.

Beth felt the relief between her legs and tried to look up, but Harry met her movement with another sharp slap to her face and pulled her head back by the hair. "Did I tell you to stop sucking, whore?" He pushed his cock back into her mouth and fucked her face deeper and harder.

Now Jon held the tip of his cock and ran it up and down Beth's wet slit. He pushed the tip inside her and smiled as Beth's body responded and she groaned around the cock in her mouth. His cock slid all the way in and out, and then in one hard stroke filled her up again. Jon began fucking her deep, in hard, full motions - her pussy tight around his thick shaft.

Before long, Beth began groaning louder. Her ass was still being stretched by the object inside her and the men touching her body were relentless with her breasts and nipples. With her mouth struggling to take Harry's cock and Jon's forceful pounding of her soaking wet pussy, Beth didn't know how much more she could take.

Don sensed what was happening and moved towards the side of the table. "Don't you dare cum without my permission, slut."

Harry pulled Beth's head back so that she was looking right at Don. Even though her mouth was finally released she could do nothing but pant and gasp for air, waves of pleasure rising in her body. She looked at Don, breathing heavily.

"Beg me to let you come, slut." he said sternly.

"I...Plea...I..." Beth breathed.

A wave of pain swept through Beth's body as Don brought the belt down across her right thigh.

"Please!" Beth shrieked.

"Please what?" Don whipped her thighs again and then again with the belt.

"Please!" Beth called out. "Please may I come!" Her body was jerking and straining, shuddering against the cock inside her as Jon kept slamming into her.

Another slap of the belt. Don brought the leather down with intense strikes again and again until Beth relented. "Please," she uttered desperately, begging him. "Please... Sir... may I come?"

Beth was screaming now. Loud incoherent noises and moans. Don slapped the belt across her thigh twice more and then turned to Beth and indicated she could come with a slight, satisfied nod.

Finally, with his permission, Beth let her body give in to the torture, the agony and the driving ecstasy. Her hands gripped around the two cocks, with her nipples pinched in mouths and teeth, her skin reeling from the impact of the belt, and her sex wet and tight around Jon's cock. She felt so open and so... used. She felt like... a... slut.

With that thought, Beth let go and all the painful and pleasurable sensations engulfed her. A brilliant, breathtaking orgasm rolled over her body.

As she came hard, Beth's pussy tightened around Jon's cock and he felt his own cum jolting out of him in waves, filling her. Gordon and Jake, their cocks in Beth's tight grip had been holding out as long as they could, but the sight of Beth writhing in orgasm in front of them pushed them to the limit too. Gordon moved his cock over Beth and held it over her face, letting thick streams of cum cover her face and open mouth. Jake came hard, jerking his load over Beth's breasts and neck.

Beth lay there, exhausted, panting, covered in cum - her own juices dripping down her thighs. She looked at Don and met his eyes. Her face showed relief, shock, amazement.

But Don wasn't done yet.

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  1. This was an excellent story. I can't wait for the next part of it to see what happens to her.

    Erotic and arousing I was hard from the action and couldn't help but find myself stroking to it.

  2. ***Let me say, I am against rape!***
    But, that was one hell of a sexy story. :)


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