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Friday, October 22, 2010

Guest Writer Demon Ted: Hotels & Handcuffs

This story was submitted to me by my good friend, Demon Ted, and edited by me. 

For all you male subs and female dommes out there, I think you will enjoy!

Love, licks and lashings,


She came shooting down the road in her not-quite-paid-off 1998 Honda Civic - cigarette in mouth,  windows rolled down, going 50 in the 35mph zone. She was late for work again, but didn't seem to care.

Lisa worked at a hotel, cleaning rooms. Hotel 5 wasn't exactly the best place to stay, unless you like crackhead parties and 10 dollar hookers, but it was a job.

Pulling into the parking lot with a screech, Lisa got out of the car sighing. Thank god, it's my last day, she thought. After this I'm never coming back to this shit hole.

Lisa had given her two week notice 13 days ago, and today she couldn't be happier.

She entered the hotel lobby dressed like a rock'n'roll wet dream. Fishnet stockings and a rockin' dress - after all she going to see her favorite band Psychorhythm after work, hoping to knock a couple back and find "mister right". Wearing flats with her heels in the car, she was ready to find her next victim (or, for the romantic types: the next man to take charge of).

Cleaning rooms isn't the most exciting job in the world, but what happen to Lisa next, she would never forget.

"OK, lets get this over with" Lisa said to herself, opening the the door to the first of the 18 rooms she had to clean. Walking in, she couldn't believe what she saw. Lying on the bed there was a man who, to Lisa, would remain nameless. Each of his wrists was cuffed to a bed post.

Now Lisa, unlike most girls, was not alarmed - she was actually very pleased to see this. Not having any lovin' in a month can really have a toll on a girl like her.

Seeing Lisa, the man sat up and said, "Please help me! I've been here for 6 hours!"

Lisa with her usual audacity, asked "What's in it for me?"

The man was speechless, for he had nothing: no money, no clothes, no job. After all, he'd come here with a 10-dollar hooker, and she'd obviously seen what a sucker he was (and would definitely be today).

Lisa saw he had nothing and really could care less what happened to this guy. However, being the sex-starved bombshell that she was, she had an idea.

"Alright this is what is going to happen." Lisa said with authority. "You're going to do what I say, and then we will see about getting you uncuffed."

"Got it?" she prompted.

"Yes," the man answered, quietly.

"I don't what to hear a word out of you from here on out." Lisa ordered, walking towards the bed - her frustration relieving somewhat with her building excitement.

She straddled her knees either side of the man's face and sat down,. Her pussy pressed against his lips as she wasn't wearing any panties. He could taste he juices.

"You're going lick that pussy clean, is that clear?" she yelled.

He started to reply, then remembered her earlier instruction not to speak. He reluctantly opened his mouth and began licking lightly at the soft lips over his face.

"More," she command, moving her hips over his tongue. She pushed herself down, giving him a mouthful of her slick, wet pussy.

"Suck my clit, you piece of shit," she groaned as she thrust against him.

He obediently began searching her pussy with his tongue until he found it. She moaned and arched her back as he flicked against her clit, pleasure rising through her like steam from his hot touch.

He sucked her clit into his mouth, between his teeth, and she moaned again.

"That's it, slut, eat my pussy."

Something inside him was stirring as if he liked being abused this way - used like a fuck-toy for this woman's pleasure. He sucked her harder, her juices dripping down his chin.

Lisa was bucking against his face, forcing the man to lick and suck her, forcing him to pleasure her just as she liked.

"Oh good, you've finally got something for me to ride on," she remarked coldly, as she turned and noticed his hard cock, standing straight and stiff.

She edged herself off his mouth and dragged herself down his chest to his cock. Her wet pussy left a glistening trail of juices along his chest as she slid across him.

Lisa lowered her dripping pussy over his hard cock and took it full inside. With little thought for his pleasure, she began moving up and down on him, the smooth skin of her ass slapping into his balls as she did.

She heaved herself up and down his shaft, his body trembling with each impact. Lisa was fast and precise, her position applying his hardness right against her G spot, closing in on the edge of her ecstasy.

He was panting - eyes clenched, mouth open in desire and amazement. With her tightness snug around his cock, stroking it, he fought his urge to cry out.. her name, perhaps? But, he didn't even know this woman, though she used him so intimately.

As she neared on her climax, Lisa dragged her black-polished nails down his chest, and dug them into his sides. Her screams filled the room, long, and loud and primal. Like an animal.

Her orgasm left his cock and balls saturated in her juices. He could smell their sweetness in the air.

Lisa just laughed, eyeing the small silver key on the bedside table. She stepped towards it, pressing her black dress back down her thighs. For a moment, she dangled the key in front of her and watched him eye it, hopefully.

He nodded eagerly, he was desperate to be free of these restraints. To get out of here, perhaps finish himself off.

But to his dismay, Lisa only smiled and tucked the key between her breasts and turned from the room.

As she closed the door she tucked a "Do Not Disturb" sign from her maid's cart on the door handle. But paused, and turned it over so that it read "Please tidy my room".

With a satisfied smile, Lisa thought: To hell with the rest of the rooms! And, with a flick of her hair she turned and made her way from the hotel. She was off to see her favourite band.

And watch out boys, she thought, I'm already +1 for the day.

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  1. Very nice. I have to say, I'm not usually a dom, bu this got me pretty hot. Maybe hubby will wear the cuffs tonight. :)


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