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Monday, October 18, 2010

Table Manners

"Put your hands behind your back and face the wall," he commanded.

Jenny had just arrived at the address Master Kane had given her the week prior. The house had looked just  like every other house on the upper-middle class street. She had been instructed to wear black lace underwear and simple, skimpy outerwear. She had chosen a short black mini and, on top, a bright blue singlet to contrast her deep green eyes.

Although taken aback by how quickly things had gone from arriving at the house to submission, Jenny was quick to comply with the orders.

"Hold your elbows," Kane continued

Jenny reached behind her and obediently grabbed hold of her elbows, causing her back to arch and her breasts to push out. Master Kane ran his hands up an down her sides, then across her tummy and ass, feeling her warm, young flesh underneath the skimpy clothes...

He lent forward so his lips traced her ear as he spoke. "You are mine, tonight, do you understand that slave?"

"Yes, Sir," came the reply.

"You will do as I instruct, and serve my guests as I instruct. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Sir."

"You will address me as Sir always, and should you fail to do so, or fail to comply with my instructions, you -will- be punished. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Sir."

Kane looked her up and down once more, admiring the way the tall black stilettos she'd chosen accented her long, toned legs, and forced her ass to stick out a little behind her. Satisfied with the beautiful creature in his front room, he grabbed a fistful of her long dark hair and began  guiding her down the hallway to a set of stairs at the end.

Jenny gasped as her Master took her by the hair, and she craned her neck to follow him down the hallway, and slowly, half-stumbling on her high heels, down the stairs into a dimly lit room below.

The room was vast, a bar and bartender serving drinks in one corner, stools and chairs, leather lounge suites arranged around the other edges and spotlights pointed over a table set in the middle of the room.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, our whore for the evening." Master Kane announced as he dragged Jenny into the room. They were met with cheers and the clinking of glasses.

He pushed her towards the centre of the room, where the table was lit up - ready for her show. With his hand in the small of her back he gave one last shove, sending her stumbling against the table.

It was here Jenny could see what the table was now for. It wasn't a large table, just small, round and wooden - like the ones used on cafe sidewalks. In the middle of the table was a dildo. A thick dildo - probably 4 inches in diameter at the base, and at least 9 inches in length. It was secured to a stand that had been drilled into the table. An intriguing ornament - meant for her.

Jenny looked up as she felt hands clambering over her body. Some of the people who had been lounging and drinking as she walked in were now tearing at her clothes and pulling them from her body. She almost tripped on her panties as they raced to tear them from her legs.

"Take your shoes off and bend over the table," her Master commanded.

Jenny obeyed, slipping from her tall black stilettos, and bent forward over the table so that her face was
right up close to the dildo.

"Stick out your ass," he barked, watching her tight ass present itself to his guests - many of them commenting on it's firm, round shape. "Now suck it."

There was only one thing close enough to suck, so Jenny lifted her head and brought her lips towards the dildo in the middle of the table. As she slowly began to wrap her lips around it, she realised how thick and wide it really was. Her Master grabbed her by the hair and began forcing her lips down onto it, but she could barely take the base of it in her mouth. She took one of her hands and clasped it around the base of the dildo, to help give her some leverage.

"Did I tell you to stop holding your elbows?" her Master grabbed her hair and struck her twice with his palm on each of her ass cheeks.

"No, Sir" she gasped, realising her mistake.

"Then don't let it happen again" he warned, to some chuckles from the audience.

With his hand still gripping Jenny by the hair, Master Kane allowed her to replace her arms then dragged her head back and then forced it down the dildo. He pushed her face down further, forcing the dildo deeper and deeper into her throat. He held her down for a few seconds until he heard her gag, then let her release before pushing her down further still and holding her there again, repeating it.

His guests took the opportunity to begin slapping her butt, calling to her to keep it raised.

"Arch your back!" called one.

"Stick out your ass!" called another.

She obeyed, though it was hard to concentrate with this thick cock stuck in her throat and her Master forcing
her to let it fuck her face, allowing her only limited breaths.

"Suck it, whore." Master commanded her as he lent in, closer. "You don't want it to be all dry when it goes in your ass do you?"

A flutter filled her belly and her body trembled as she realised what was next. And it wasn't to be too long away as before Master Kane was soon satisfied that she had covered the dildo in her saliva.

After he was finished binding her, Master Kane ordered her to face away from the table. He then called to his guests, "So... who will help me get her onto this thing?"

Two men volunteered and made their way to either side of Jenny. Each of them gripped her under her armpit and knee so that she was lifted up and bent into a sitting position.

"Now," Master instructed with a smile. "Sit her down on that."

The two men did not hesitate. They hold Jenny over the dildo while they waited for her Master to position the dildo at her asshole and began lowering her down onto the table. With her arms and legs being held up, her weight was all distributed to her lower half, and it did not take long for her to feel the large head of the dildo slowly penetrate her.

With the men's arms and hands gripping and controlling her body, Jenny could only relent to the intrusion in her ass. The dildo was moving up, deeper inside her as they lowered her down further. It was stretching her open and it felt so uncomfortable, and a little painful.

With her ass taking almost half of the plastic cock, calls of "fuck it!" and "fuck her ass!" came out across the room. Instantly, the men holding her adjusted their grips and began lifting and lowering her over the cock.

More of the guests came over to get a closer look. Some of them grabbed hold of her too and began helping move her up and down faster. Some spat on the dildo to lubricate it so she could take even more. Others grabbed her breasts, her nipples squeezed between their knuckles. A lady behind her grabbed her hair and sucked at her neck.

"Push her down on it!"

"Take it all the way, honey."

Each time she went up they pushed her down harder, firmer, trying to make her take it all in her ass.

"Come on!" they urged. "ALL the way down".

Slaps reigned in on her thighs, but she could barely wince with her ankles still firmly gripped above her by the first two men. She panted and gasped as her body struggled to comply with the force of the fucking. The dildo was so deep inside her, and the further down the they pushed her, the wider it got - the wider it stretched her.

All the while, cocks were being presented to her. Men gathered in a dense circle around Jenny, their hands stroking their hard cocks, all wanting her mouth around them. Either side of the table were open zippers and hands jerking their growing shafts. It was time she sucked, thought Master Kane.

He walked behind Jenny and pulled her backwards and, as he did so, the men holding her arms lowered her til her head and thighs were at a 45 degree angle with the table. At this height she could see the men's cocks all around her - a blur of hands rubbing and kneading. Her Master pushed her face towards the closest cock.


She took the cock in her mouth and began to take it in and out of her throat, but after a few moments Master pulled her away and pushed her towards the next cock.


Again, she swallowed the cock deep into her throat, thrusting her face back and forth. And again, after a few strokes, Master pulled her to the next cock.


And so, the men began to join in. They started vying for her mouth, grabbing at her hair and pulling her to their own cock after only a few strokes on the last. Other shoved their cock right in there with the other, making her hold two cocks at once in her mouth. They cheered her on, hungry for the next lashing of her tongue.

All of the guests were were so persistent. But, any time she tensed or tried to rise up early from the dildo they were fucking her on, she was punished. Any time she drew her head back to gasp for air amongst the sea
glistening cocks, she was punished. Her Master was standing in front of her, and, if he caught her doing these things he would take his palm to her sex. Ensuring it's lips her spread open he would lay sharp slaps across it - each slap flicking her clit and causing her to writhe more in sudden agony and, then, fading pleasure.

After a few minutes the pain between her legs and in her ass made Jenny shut her eyes tight. It was starting to get too much. But her body was giving in to it all, and finally she could feel a slightly cooler sensation on her ass as it started to touch the table below. They had forced her to take the entire dildo inside of her, and were fucking her with it's entire length.

Master Kane was pleased with her progress. He waved over a woman from the back of the room. She had been leaning against a pillar in the back, sipping slowly on an iced cocktail and leering at Jenny over the rim of
the glass. Her eyes were smokey and dark and her lips were painted with a dark, sexy red. She walked slowly towards Jenny, her black-gloved hands clasped in front of her.

"For being a good little slut," her Master stated. "I will give you a reward. Mistress Lia." He nodded at the woman and took a seat in an armchair in front of the table, where he could watch Lia work on his slave. Some of the other men took his lead and sat too, while the others continued to hold her in place on the table and grope at her breasts.

Lia knelt down beside the table used both hands to pull Jenny's pussy lips open. She leaned in and licked the soaking wet slit up and down, feeling Jenny's thighs trembling beside her. Lia's mouth lapped at the juices streaming from Jenny's sex, and then closed her lips around her clit, sucking it into her mouth.

A high-pitched moan escaped Jenny's lips and the crowd applauded. She moaned again as Lia sucked her clit deeper into her mouth, rolling it around in there with her tongue, like it was some kind of candy. And then, as Lia's gloved fingers began to penetrate her sex, Jenny flung her head back and moaned louder.

Lia's hands quickened and fucked the pussy with greater speed and force. Jenny's clit felt burning hot between Lia's warm, pressing lips. The gloved fingers curled up inside her were stroking and reaching for her G spot. With the fingers pushing hard in and out, Jenny's ass rocked gently across the dildo shoved firmly inside her. Between the intense bursts of pleasure, all Jenny could think about was how vulnerable she was to these people. How open, exposed. How full she was with these fingers and the dildo in her. How humiliated - all  these people... watching her!

Before long waves of warmth swept from her clit, all over Jenny's body and she felt the muscles between her legs tense and clutch at everything inside her. She felt so good and Lia, sensing her intense arousal, sucked harder on her clit and fucked harder with her fingers, slamming upwards again and again into Jenny's G spot.

The guests were chanting now, but Jenny could barely hear anything as though the blood was drained from her head. Her head rolled back, her back arched upwards.

"Squirt! Squirt!" she thought she heard them chanting. "Squirt! Squirt! Squirt!"

And as they chanted, her body writhed and jerked in time. At the last moment she realised her error and looked quickly for her Master, but, to her great relief he mouthed the word. "Come".

And she did. In hard, streaming squirts that dribbled down Lia's gloved wrist. Jenny's body rocked and tossed against the men holding her, and the dildo plugged up inside her.

Her eyes wide, her body still convulsing, and applause ringing in her ears, Jenny stared hard up above her and screamed, between desperate gasps:

"Thank you, Mistress!! Thank you, Master!! Thank youuuuuu....!!"

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  1. Oh wow, that was hot! I think your style is awesome. Could I suggest a role reversal in your next story, that would be orgasmic.

  2. Oh man, that was good. I'm going to have to start making my way back. Meanwhile, please have a look at my friend Anna's new blog. If you like it, please leave a comment to encourage her.


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