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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

By Request: Come into my office...

Requested by M, but I hope you'll all enjoy.

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He hung up the phone, dejectedly. The Swanson account. He couldn't believe he'd lost it. What had he done wrong? Had he not paid enough attention to the clients? He racked his brains trying to think of where he'd gone wrong.

His friend from Accounting was obviously first to hear, Mike realised, seeing his friend George marching down the hall towards his desk.

"Tough break on the Swanson account, Mike," George consoled, offering a friendly pat on the shoulder. "Hanson's gonna break your balls over this one - look out".

And he was right. No more than 10 seconds after George passed by did Mike's desk phone ring again. It was Nina Hanson, his boss. And she was mad. Two minutes. Her office. Shit...
Mike tried to straighten himself up, racking his brains for an excuse, some kind of plan to get the account back, maybe? His heart rose in his chest and he gulped.

Two minutes had gone by so quickly.

He stood up and tried to keep his chin up as he made his way across the office towards Ms Hanson's office. The people in the cubicles around him were clearing out for the day. A few of them looked at him sympathetically, knowing he wouldn't get to go home on time today. A group of three men in the corner cubicles were eyeing him and muttering amongst themselves, and they let out a few low, mocking "whoop!"s as he knocked on Ms Hanson's door.

"Enter," came the stern female voice from inside, and he obeyed.

Ms Hanson was staring out her huge office window at the people below, chatting in the parking lot, getting into their cars. Her arms were on her hips and she didn't even turn around when Mike entered.

"Shut the door, Fisher" she ordered, calling him by his last name.

As she heard the door click closed, she commanded, "Sit".

Mike took a seat in one of the large leather chairs she had facing her desk, and clasped his hands in his lap, wondering if he should start to explain. He looked up at Ms Hanson and suddenly noticed the way her stiff black business jacket tucked closely around her small waist. Her round ass looked beautiful in the tailored skirt - the way she was standing, her ankles crossed over, she looked so sexy.

He started to feel even more nervous as his gaze fell to the black nylon seams running down the backs of her legs, ending at the tall, patent leather stilettos she wore.

"Fisher," Ms Hanson started, turning to meet his gaze. She frowned when she noticed his eyes tracing the contours of her body. Her dark red lips pursed with disapproval.

"The Swanson account." she said sternly. Mike wasn't sure if it was a question or a statement. He lent forward and opened his mouth to explain.


"Ms Hanson," she corrected and narrowed her eyes.

"Uh... Ms Hanson... I... don't know what happened." He fumbled with his tie around his neck, feeling the pressure of her eyes on him.

Ms Hanson folded her arms across her chest and stepped towards Mike. She perched on the right edge of her desk and crossed her legs, her skirt riding higher up her thigh, revealing just the slightest hint of flesh above the black lace-trimmed top of her nylons.

She sighed.

"You don't know what happened." Ms Hanson slapped her right hand down on the desk and rolled her eyes. The frustration was getting to her and she unbuttoned the top button of her jacket, and reached her arm back, ruffling a hand through her stylish, severely cut, brown hair.

As her jacket fell open a little more, Mike could see the shadow of her cleavage, and the gentle rise and fall of the top of her round breasts. He loosened his tie a little more and cleared his throat.

Ms Hanson signed again. "You know I'm going to have to deal with this, now, Fisher."

He looked at her, confused. Would he lose his job? The recession was hitting hard and he knew companies like his were just looking for an excuse to fire people.

"Ms Hanson... please..." Mike lent forward, his palms pushed together, pleading.

"Shhhh..." Ms Hanson bent towards him, her breasts almost being revealed by her gaping jacket, and placed a long slender finger, lightly against his lips. "Shhhh..." Her own red lips pursed into a perfect, plump "O".

"We'll find some way to deal with this little mess you've made, I'm sure." As she spoke she moved her hand to his upper chest and pushed him back into his chair.

She stood up and began pacing in front of him, her finger poised against her slightly parted lips, in thought. Mike's heart was racing - he was filled with fear and excitement. His job situation was grim, but his body couldn't help but respond to Ms Hanson's gestures.

A waft of her hypnotic perfume fell over him and he closed his eyes - just for a moment - to enjoy her sweet scent.

He opened his eyes with a start as Ms Hanson stepped intently onto the arm of the chair he was sitting in, and swiftly grabbed his tie, pulling his face towards her own. She breathed heavily and looked him up and down, a firm grip on his neck tie.

Mike was shocked, thrilled. His eyes traced her body, from the tall black stiletto planted decisively next to his chest, all the way up her nylon-clad leg, to her tight, lacy panties, now on full view to him beneath her skirt. Her breasts, heaving with each breath, were held back only by the top of a laced black leather corset. He longed to pull the corset's ribbons, that dangled just over the lapels of her jacket, and let those full breasts tumble towards his face.

"You've made a serious error, Mr Fisher." Ms Hanson breathed.

"Yes," he nodded, unable to take his eyes from her chest.

"Your job is on the line here," she continued, taking her free hand and running her fingers down the side of his face. "You want to keep your job, don't you... Mike?"

Mike nodded quickly, looking into Ms Hanson's eyes.

She slapped his face hard, and let go of his tie, grabbing a fistful of his shirt around the collar. She pulled him closer. "You -do- want to keep your job, Mike?"

"Yes, Ms Hanson." he answered quickly, reeling from the sting on his cheek.

"Good," she smiled. "Then I can help you. But you... will... have to be punished." Her eyes narrowed and licked her lips, her tongue tracing slowly and deliberately over her top lip. Mike shivered.

"Just do exactly as I say, and I'll make sure everything works out... understood?" As she said the last part, she raised her hand as if to slap him again.

"Y-yes, Ms Hanson," Mike replied, and she brought her hand down softly against his cheek, stroking it affectionately.

"You really are a very bad boy," Ms Hanson continued, eyeing the large bulge below his belt. Then, meeting his eyes she instructed, "Kiss me."

Mike lent forward eagerly, with puckered lips, but Ms Hanson reached behind his head and pushed it towards her raised thigh. "Kiss me," she said again.

He obeyed, taking delight in the way the lace tops of her nylons brushed against his lips. He took care to kiss each inch of her creamy white thigh, breathing in deeply the sweet smell coming from between her legs.

Ms Hanson held his head to her, as he made his way, slowly and carefully, up her thigh, tasting her with every kiss. She moaned as he reached the top of her thigh and began planting open-mouthed kisses on the sexy lace covering her sex. As his tongue grazed lightly against the damp fabric, Mike let out a low groan, longing for more of her.

With that, she grabbed at his shirt and pulled him upwards until his was standing - his hardness pushed up against her. Her foot was still planted on the chair so her her thigh pressed into him, drawing him closer. Ms Hanson brought both her hands to his face, and, tracing circles in his hair with her nails, kissed him hard on the lips. Her tongue darting and licking inside his mouth, she felt his hand reach up her thigh and down her towards her ass.

Suddenly, Ms Hanson grabbed his shoulders and turned him slightly, then forced him backwards into the wall behind him. She stepped towards him, and stood with one foot between his, her thigh pushing upwards towards his throbbing hard cock. Her hands began running up and down his chest, flirting with his shirt buttons.

"Did I tell you, you could touch me?" She growled into his ear, her lips brushing against it. "Answer me, you dirty boy. Did I -tell- you, you could touch me?"

"N-no, Ms Hanson," he stammered, his brain barely letting him speak as he felt her hands all over him.

"Good, you're learning," she replied, and reached up to a shelf above his head, and pulled something out from behind a set of books.

She brought her hand back down and he saw, dangling from her index finger, a pair of shiny metal handcuffs. His breath caught in his throat and he swallowed, but his body tingled and his cock throbbed against his pants.

Ms Hanson grabbed his tie again and turned. With his tie draped over her shoulder, she stepped towards his desk, causing him to follow. At the edge of her desk she let go of his tie, turned to him, and, pressing her palms against his shoulder, flung him across her desk.

She started to crawl over him onto the desk with her knees either side of his hips. She grabbed his wrists and, as she stretched his arms up over him, her breasts robbed across his torso. His arms were pulled up behind his head and he heard the clink of metal, then the cold touch of the handcuff, clasping around his right wrist. Ms Hanson carefully looped the other cuff through the draw handle on the other side of her desk, and brought it back to clasp his other wrist.

"There," Ms Hanson whispered, smiling devilishly. She sat back, straddling his hips now, and admired her work. Slowly, she ran her hands up his chest and began to undo his shirt buttons, exposing his chiseled chest. She bent over and dragged her tongue up from his navel across his chest.

Her lips were on his neck now, sucking his flesh, salty with beads of sweat, just inside her wet mouth. She kissed around to his ear and sucked his lobe before biting down lightly. He gasped and groaned, "Oh Ms Hanson..."

"Shhh." She kissed him, her full lips against his, as she lifted her ass and reached down between her legs. Her fingers were swift and she quickly unbuckled his belt and pulled it from his pants.

Mike's heart began racing as she sat up and pulled the belt taut between her fists and bit into the leather, her eyes piercing him. Fuck, she was teasing him. He couldn't stop himself from thrusting his hips up against hers.

"Tsk tsk tsk." She shook her head, threw the belt to the floor and waved a finger to scold him

Ms Hanson slid back off the desk, making sure every part of her body touched him as she stepped off the the desk. Bending her head over his crotch, she unzipped his fly with her teeth and slid her hand down the front of his briefs. Her hand clasped his firm cock as she wrapped her lips around it, licking and flicking the head, making it wet with her mouth.

She lifted her head, her lips brushing up the base of his shaft as she did. He was watching her in awe and amazement. "Such a bad boy," she said. "You really need my help. Perhaps I should try and ride that naughtiness out of you."

As she knelt on the desk again, lowering her soaking lace panties against his hardness, she unbuttoned her jacket and threw it away. As her arm flung through the air her swollen breasts bounce out of the lace corset. They presented themselves full, round, the nipples swollen and erect. Mike longed to hold them, but his wrists were secured by the handcuffs.

Ms Hanson reached down and pushed the lace of her panties to one side, revealing her sex, glistening with its own juices. Then, she arched her back and lowered herself over the tip of Mike's cock, the soft wet pussy lips pressing down the sides of his shaft.

But she hesitated, his cock only just pushing against her entrance. "Do you want to be inside me, Fisher?"

Mike nodded urgently - he needed to be inside her. He tried to push into her, thrusting upwards, but she pulled away slightly.

"What do you say?" she asked, raising her eyebrows, a smile curling in the corner of her mouth.

"Please?" he asked, wondering, hoping this was what she wanted.

"Please, what?"

"P-please... Ms Hanson?"

She frowned and pursed her lips, unhappy with the response.

"Please, Ms Hanson," he continued. "Please fuck me. I need you to! So bad! Please fuck me, Ms Hanson!!"

"Good boy," she smiled as she lowered herself slowly down over his long, thick shaft, letting out a gasp as her tight sex slid down. He was larger even than she'd suspected, and it felt delicious having her sex so stretched open by this naughty cock.

She was slow at first, savoring how his thick shaft filled her up as she sat right down on him, and enjoying the feeling of it dragging against the walls of her sex as she raised up. But soon, she gained pace, beginning to bounce up and down on him - as if insatiable.

"I love your cock, you naughty boy. It fills me up so well. I'm going to fuck it hard now. I'm going to fuck it hard until I make you come inside me."

Her pace quickened again, riding him up and down, moaning and crying out in pleasure. Mike watched her breasts bouncing as she rode him, and, with his hands held behind him, feeling so helpless to her touch and her fucking. He could barely stand this control she had over him. She was free to use his body as she desired, and his body could barely contain itself.

"Tell me how you love it," she ordered. "Tell me how you love being used, you naughty boy."

"I love it!" he admitted. "I love how you're using me. It makes me want to come so hard."

"Good boy," she breathed and reached up towards his face. She clasped her hands around his throat - the restriction of air only heightening his arousal more. She held him like this, bouncing hard and deep onto his cock, feeling his heart beating hard against her touch. She was fucking him so hard and fast and deep that they would soon reached their breaking point.

Mike groaned loudly, his cock deep and throbbing in her tight sex. Sensing he could take no more, she instructed "Come in me. Come in me now, while I come all over your cock. I want you to fill me up with your cum."

And she was right, he could take no more. On command, he delivered stream after stream of hot cum inside her, their juices mixing as she too, screamed, letting her sex tighten and come over him. She kept bouncing on him, her pussy so wet with her orgasm, as he let his last spurts of cum release until he lay back, exhausted and satisfied on her desk.

Ms Hanson raised herself up and stepped off the desk, bending to kiss him gently on the tip of his cock as she did. The kiss delivered a spark that he felt emanate throughout him from his sensitive cock.

She walked slowly behind the desk and released the handcuffs, then took a pack of cigarettes from the drawer. Sitting on the edge of the desk with her long leg crossed over the other, she lit one and looked over at him as he sat up and zipped his pants.

"Thank you, Fisher. Good work today." Smoke slipped from between her red lips as she spoke. "Close the door on your way out."

He nodded, still dazed from the experience and stood up. As he approached the doorway, she mused "Looks like you might earn yourself a -raise- if you keep this up. Schedule us another meeting for Monday."

He smiled gratefully and closed the door. And, either side of it, they both breathed, long satisfied sighs.

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