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Friday, October 22, 2010

Her Pink Mistress (Part 2)

Read Part 1

Now, where were we? 

"Now that you've had your pleasure, little one," Jane said sweetly. "Don't you think I should get a turn?" Jane's fingernails grazed across the satin slip as she spoke.

Adele lifted her head, her eyes widening, and she wondered what Jane meant.

Jane placed two fingers to her own mouth and smiled again. She turned to the selection of toys on the shelves behind her and pondered what she would use next.

And so it continues...

As she scanned her wall of devious toys and torture devices, Jane's eyes came to rest on a pair of alligator clip-style nipple clamps. She pulled them from the hook they hung on, and walked towards Adele, dangling the clamps by the chain.

As the Mistress approached, Adele protested, "No.. I-I don't..."

"Shhh..." Jane interjected, her free hand pursed to her lips. "Just tell me if it gets too much."

Jane frowned. Adele's slip, though sitting high above her hips, was still covering her breasts and much of her torso. Jane grabbed at the material and pulled it down, the thin straps snapping and breaking away easily. The satin trickled and floated to the floor, tingling against the girl's skin as it fell.

"Much better," Jane laughed and wrapped her fingers around a nipple, pulling it to her lips.

She sucked it into her mouth, biting it lightly to hold it there as she licked and lapped. Adele's nipple grew harder in the warmth, and Jane pulled away.

With her fingers pulling it outwards, the Mistress placed the clamp's curved rubber sheaths either side of the nipple. Slowly, watching Adele's face carefully, she began sliding the ring along the shaft, towards Adele's nipple until she saw the girl open her mouth and gasp.

"Not bad, is it?" said Jane, smiling. Adele nodded slowly, adjusting to this new sensation as the same treatment was applied to her other nipple.

Jane tugged the chain between the clamps slightly, making Adele let out a small, pleasured yelp.

"Good girl," assured Jane, stepping back to admire her work. "You look so beautiful."

Moving closer, Jane began running her hands over Adele. She traced her nails lightly over the girl's stomach, sending shivers across the flesh. Then, she reached around and grabbed at her ass, smacking it softly.

With her hand firmly against Adele's ass, she asked, "How many spankings do you think you could take, my dear?" Jane words whispered against her toy's ear.

"Uh..." Adele had -never- been asked this question before. She was silent in confusion.

"Pick a number," Jane commanded. "Or I'll pick one for you."

"Two?" said the girl - breathless, anxious.

Jane laughed. "Higher than that." She paused for a response then said, "Come on, -quickly-, or I'll choose. And, I warn you, I'm a fan of high numbers."

"Seven," Adele blurted out before the Mistress could decide her fate.

"Seven, -what-?" Jane urged into Adele's ear, grabbing a fistful of hair as incentive.

"S-seven... Mistress?"

"Good girl." soothed Jane, releasing her grip to pat Adele's hair affectionately.

Jane's hand, still planted on the round buttock, began delivering sharp slaps to each cheek. Every slap harder than the last.

Adele stared ahead of her, counting the slaps in her head. Five... six... seven, at last! But the Mistress was still spanking her. Seven to each cheek, Adele realised, clenching her eyes and letting out a small moan from behind her lips.

The Mistress adored the involuntary little noises Adele made - that she forced out of her. She was filling with her own arousal. It was delicious guiding this sweet young thing through her first session.

Standing before her now, Jane's palm reached down between the stretched-apart thighs and held the girl's sex. "How's that little pussy now?" A light slap was dealt to Adele's soft, pink, wetness. She jumped a little as it struck.

"Still sensitive, I see." remarked Jane, slapping it a further five times.

Stepping back again, Jane circled her toy, appreciating how pink she'd made it's ass, and how wet she'd made it's sex.

"One more thing, before you perform for me," Jane said aloud, letting Adele hear what she was thinking.

The Mistress picked up a thick, black dildo from her shelf of phallic toys, and brought it to Adele's face.

"Show me how you suck cock," she instructed. Adele turned her face away and shook her head.

"Naughty, slut," Jane scolded and grabbed the girl behind her neck, pulling her back towards the cock. "You'll suck it. I know you like to suck cock. So, show me how you do it?"

Still reluctant, Adele kept her lips together, tightly.

"I see that you need to be taught to obey me." Jane smiled. "Which is funny, because I -clearly- enjoy hurting you much more than you like to be hurt."

Grabbing her riding crop from it's hook, the Mistress began administering it to Adele's body. She cropped her everywhere, sending searing strikes across her ass, her breasts, her sensitive inner thighs.

The girl writhed as much as she could in her bonds, twisting and gasping, shrieking each time the crop bit into her. But finally it ceased, with Jane bringing the crop head to rest over Adele's sex.

"I you don't obey me, I'll hit you here," she said, rubbing the crop around in the girl's juices. "Understood."

Adele, learning, nodded her head. Then, adding quickly, "Yes, Mistress."

"Good pet."

Again, Jane raised the dildo to Adele's lips, but this time it was accepted, willingly. Pushing it further into her mouth, Jane watched as the girl took it deep and circled her tongue against its underside.

"Very good," the Mistress noted, continuing to push the cock in and out between those soft, young lips.

"Thank you, Mistress," she uttered.

"Good girl," Jane cupped and stroked the girl's cheek. "Now. To your knees."

Adele complied, kneeling before the Mistress. Meek and uncertain, she bowed her head, still caressing her wrists as they adjusted to being -below- her head.

"Place your hands out in front of you. On the floor," Jane instructed, as her toy again complied.

With Adele poised there, on all fours, the Mistress did a quick circle around her, taking in the beautiful sight from behind, before walking to the side of the room. There, she took hold of a wooden chair and dragged it behind her, planting it in front of Adele's face.

"I've seen how well you suck cock," Jane began.

Placing an arm on the chair for balance, Jane lowered her pink panties to the floor and sat down. She spread her thighs either side of the face before her and, slouching down into the chair, pushed her sex towards the girl.

"Now, show me how well you can eat pussy."

Obediently, anxious to avoid another cropping, Adele lifted her lips and planted them between the Mistress' thighs. She breathed in the deep scent that now filled her nostrils, and began licking up and down the slit before her.

"Good girl," came the approval, and Adele licked deeper.

Jane took her toy behind the head and forced it closer, making her nuzzle between the labia. "You know where my clit is, slut. Now suck it like a cock."

Taking the clit into her mouth, the girl sucked it in. Her tongue rounded it and, to Adele's delight, the Mistress moaned. Encouraged, she sucked and licked faster, causing the clit to pulse in and out of her mouth.

Jane moaned louder. A strand of pink hair clung to the red lipstick on her open lips.

She lent back further and offered, "If you make me come, I'll give you a -special- reward."

Adele, continuing to lick and lash the clit with her tongue, realised how her own body was responding. Her glowing skin, fresh and pink from its earlier punishment began to respond to the idea of her eating this woman's sex. Her nipples, swinging with the weight of their clamps, tingled and the heat rose between her legs.

The girl moaned into Jane's sex as she ate, hungrily.

Soon the Mistress was gasping, alive with the attention. She grabbed her toy's head tightly and called out, "Good! Goooood little slut!" letting the waves of her climax splash streams of juice over Adele's face.

Jane stroked the girl's hair and complimented her. "You did well."

Adele blushed, her face shining - evidence of the Mistress' pleasure.

With her hand resting lightly over Adele's head, Jane said, "I think I -shall- give you that reward."

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  1. MMMM....perfect.

    I especially love all of the details, like the pink strand of hair clinging to Jane's lips.

    Yep. You are talented.

  2. I agree with pink - perfect. I cannot wait to dig into your blog and read more of your stories!

  3. @Pink - I liked that bit too ;)

    @babygirl - Thank you so much and welcome to my blog. I hope you stick around as I'm such a fan of your writings!

    Love, licks and lashings,

  4. Finally got the chance to read part II Lilith. Eceptional. I love the play of resistance and final submission, and the description of the sentuality, the heat the scents, the tastes. Excellent piece of prose.


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