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Friday, October 22, 2010

By Request: Her Pink Mistress (Part 1)

For & inspired by the pink-haired Miss Kc...


Adele blew, sending a soft wave of air floating between her toes. She was painting her toe-nails a fresh shade of "Petal Pink".

"That looks cute, Del," Fiona remarked, smiling. Fiona was Adele's best friend and they were enjoying a quiet night of bubbling wine and pampering together.

"Are you sure your step-mom doesn't mind you having me over?" Adele asked. Fiona's step-mother, Jane, was known to be fairly strict sometimes, even though she was only 25 - barely older than Fiona herself.

It was mostly these reasons that led Fiona to dislike her. She suspected that Jane had married her father for his money, and she was disappointed in him for falling for Jane's seduction. Leather, lace and big red lips, thought Fiona. How obvious could you get? Still, her father had eaten it up, and they were married within months.

But Adele was intrigued by Jane, with her bright pink hair, and tight, laced bodices that poked above the buttoned cardigans she often wore. Jane seemed to walk everywhere with purpose, with confidence. Adele could see why Fiona's father liked her...
"I think she's sexy," admitted Adele, sheepishly.
"I know," laughed Fiona. Then quickly, she added, "Gosh, is this wine making you drunk? I feel a little dizzy."

"You should lie down." said Adele, with concern, helping her friend to the bedroom.

Adele assisted Fiona with her clothes and shoes. Then she sat on the edge of the bed and brought the blankets up to the girl's shoulders.

"I'll get you a glass of water," she offered, tracing a gentle finger down her friend's cheek. Adele stood and made her way to the kitchen, grabbing a clean glass from the cupboard above the sink, and filling it halfway with cool water from the fridge.

When she returned to the doorway, she saw that Fiona had already passed out, her hand hanging limply over the side of the mattress. She crept lightly through the room and placed the glass on the side table, then left as quietly as she'd entered.

In the guest room now, Adele changed into her silk night-time slip. It was satin, short and black, with two small slits over her thighs. Fiona had helped her choose it, saying she looked sexy the way it fell in a V between her breasts. Adele smiled as she remembered how they'd giggled in the lingerie shop change room.

But Adele, wasn't tired yet. She left the guest room and proceeded to the living room, reclining on the Chesterfield lounge that was pushed against the wall. The leather felt cool and firm against her bare legs.

Stretched across the couch, Adele flicked through the channels on the TV. No cable. Nothing to watch. After standing and flicking through the family's small DVD collection, she decided to explore the house a little more. They were rich, after all, and it might be exciting to look through the vast rooms decorated with sophisticated antiques and artwork.

She didn't hear anyone else in the house, so she made her way up the stairs, taking joy in inspecting each room as she lingered in their doorways. At the end of the upstairs hallway was a large pair of double doors. Deep mahogany wood framed the red cushioned velvet inserts on the doors. Adele was dying to see what was behind them.

Turning the gold handle and pushing open one of the doors, Adele's eyes widened. The room was amazing. Black paisley wallpaper sat above mahogany paneling on the walls. Several gold hooks held various leather whips and bonds. In the middle of the room, dangling from the ceiling by a chain was a pair of silver handcuffs.

Adele took a step inside the dimly lit room, scanning it, trying to take in all of these erotic objects. As she gazed at each of them, wondering how they would be used, her heart fluttered in her chest. She reached under her short black slip and touched her hand against her panties. Wetness had begun to soak through.

Suddenly, the door shut behind her and she turned. Standing there, leaning against the door -a vision below her pink hair- was Jane, Fiona's step-mother.

Jane's legs were clad with seamed, fishnet stockings that were clipped to a lacy garter belt. Her stomach was tucked by a black, leather corset, tied firmly at the back. The pink lace bra and panties she was wearing, showing either side of the corset, perfectly accented her hair.

Adele whipped her hand from between her legs. Embarrassed, her cheeks glowing pink, she stuttered, "Mrs Bardot, I-I'm sorry... I was just..."

"I know what you were doing, Adele," came the quick reply. Jane's brow furrowed. A loud click could be heard as Jane turned the latch on the door, locking it.

Jane moved to the walls where the leather whips and instruments were hung. She inspected them carefully, running her hands through the strands of a cat o' nine tails as she walked past it.

"Did you touch anything?" Jane asked sternly, turning to Adele.

"N-no... I was only looking... I... I'm sorry..."

"Quiet," Jane ordered, then mused for a moment, her harsher tone easing. "Perhaps you'd like to see how they work?"

Adele bowed her head, trying to hide her shame. She -was- curious, she thought. There was no harm in looking. She nodded her head.

"Come here, Adele," Jane beckoned, her palms open. She stepped to the centre of the room where Adele had shuffled to, meekly.

"See these?" Jane continued, pulling at the handcuffs hanging above them.

Adele looked up.

"These are so I can hold my toys in place, while I play with them." Jane pulled one of Adele's arms up and clipped it into the handcuff. "See?"

"And then... your other wrist goes in like this, and... there. You see?" Jane stepped back for a moment, admiring how the girl's back arched in this position - her breasts and ass forced to push outwards.

"This," Jane explained, "is where I keep the key." She pulled a silver key, linked onto a delicate silver chain around her neck, from between her breasts.

Adele smiled, thinking Jane would unlock her now, but Jane pressed the key back under the pink lace of her bra.

"But, you don't look like one of my toys," Jane said, sighing and shaking her head.

"W-why not?" Adele asked. She had thought she was a good looking girl, with well-proportioned breasts. And she worked hard at the gym to keep her stomach flat and her ass and thighs taut and lean. She was disappointed to hear that Jane didn't think she was good enough for her.

"Well," Jane began, cocking her head to one side "For starters, I usually use these leg restraints on my toys." She bent down, waving a leather cuff that was secured to the floor by another chain

"Maybe if I just... yes, that's much better," Jane remarked, securing one ankle, then the other.

The distance of the cuffs on the floor made Adele's legs spread apart. She suddenly felt intensely uncomfortable, vulnerable even, but, before she could ask to be released Jane spoke again.

"That looks a little bit better. But, my goodness, look at you."

With her legs stretched so far apart, Adele's black slip had ridden up above her hips. To her horror, Jane was looking directly at her panties, now so saturated they were showing a darker wet patch around her sex.

"You want to come, don't you?" Jane asked in a low, sensual tone. "I can see looking at all these toys has made you very wet. Would you like me to help you come?"

Adele stared at her, while she thought. She needed to come very badly. Her clit was aching to be touched, and her sex kept clenching itself, desperate for sensation. Being held in position like this, watching Jane's curvy body move around the room had made her so hot.

"It will be our little secret." Jane added. "I won't even tell Fiona you came up here. Come on, we both know you need it... Let me help you come."

"O..OK," Adele relented, shyly. She closed her eyes and turned her head to the side, embarrassed. But Jane had moved to a shelf on the side of the room, stacked with all kinds of phallic objects.

Jane drew her fingers across the selection of dildos and vibrators... stopping as she reached a pink vibrating wand. She grabbed the wand and waved it at Adele. Adele's eyes lit up. She loved using vibrators on her clit when she was home alone. This would satisfy her nicely.

Slowly, Jane drew her hands to Adele's panties and pulled them aside, applying the wand against her sex. Turning it on low, Jane rolled it across the lips of Adele's sex, coating it in her wetness.

Adele arched her back further, pulling against the restraints. The vibrations searing through her sex were incredible. She moved lightly against the wand, her juices letting her move easily and smoothly across its pulsations.

Jane turned the setting to medium, and used her fingers to part Adele's sex, so she could push the wand directly against her clit. Adele groaned madly, her pleasure mounting higher and higher, as the vibrations were administered hard and strong. Her sensitive sex soaked it up.

"Come on, let it go," Jane ordered. "I want to see the cum drip down all over this."

As ordered, Adele breathed deeper and sank against the wand as it rubbed into her clit. The vibration was turned to maximum, and the effect made Adele cry out and writhe her tense body faster in response.

"Come on, I wanna see you fucking come!" Jane's dominant tone sent shivers through Adele's body, pushing her further into ecstasy than she'd ever been pushed by anyone.

With that, Jane thrust two fingers inside the girl's sex and the sudden penetration urged Adele over the edge. Her orgasm was so intense her mind blanked, her thoughts abandoned her.

Savage screams echoed from Adele's throat, her body jerking involuntarily and cum squirting from her sex - she'd never squirted before. Wave after wave, each more agonizing than the last, swept across her body, each bearing its own, hard squirt. The sensation made her feel small and light, as if this feeling was bigger than her whole presence - and it encompassed her fully.

Adele's head rolled forward and her body slumped against the chains. She was so weak from climactic struggle that she was unable to support herself anymore.

As she came down, as if from a some greater height, Adele's consciousness scraped itself together. Her breath caught up with her and her panting subsided. She looked to Jane with marvel, as if she were a goddess. A goddess who had bestowed such a violent and maddening gift on her body.

"Thank you," Adele whispered with what energy she could muster.

"Thank you, Mistress," Jane corrected, with a wry smile.

"Mistress..." Adele repeated softly, her mind still floating, and tensed her muscles in an effort to revive them.

"Now that you've had your pleasure, little one," Jane said sweetly. "Don't you think I should get a turn?" Jane's fingernails grazed across the satin slip as she spoke.

Adele lifted her head, her eyes widening, and she wondered what Jane meant.

Jane placed two fingers to her own mouth and smiled again. She turned to the selection of toys on the shelves behind her and pondered what she would use next...

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  1. Wow, such a well-written & entertaining lil' story :) Hope to see more from you soon!

  2. @Anon - thank you for your kind words!

    By the way, I did want to mention that I am very sorry that I had to leave the story there and make this into just Part One.

    Adele's experience with Jane is FAR from over, but I personally couldn't take any more! As I wrote this I just... started to lose it! So... after I've tended to "that area" I'll be sure to churn out Part 2!

    Love, licks and lashings,

  3. I can hardly blame you for needing some alone time after writing that first part of the story. I have just a few minutes before I have to leave -- time enough to do my own tending.

    So, did I like it? Yeah, you could say that. ;)


  4. @Pink - Flattery will get you -everywhere- honey.

    I'm putting the finishing touches on Part 2 as we speak. Hopefully it will be up by the time you get home.

    Thanks again for your wonderful support.

    Oh... and did you get your Lurker Day spanking yet? I was thinking about those two slaps I caused you :P


  5. Not yet, and not soon enough -- D is away on business for a few days. Two? You earned me eight! (Each comment was worth four.)

    Have I thanked you for those yet? I will. :)

    BTW, Part 2 is equally amazing.

  6. Very Hot!!! I need some alone time myself now ;)


  7. @Pink - High five for 8 spanks then! Or, perhaps that should be a -low- five? xx

    @Jess - thanks for your post, I hope to see you here more often.

    And from the wonderful response you lovely ladies have given me on these stories... I think I'll have to start work on Part 3!!

    Love, licks and lashings,

  8. With hot stories like this I think you'll be seeing a lot more of Me & Kara here!!!!


  9. @Jess - thanks so much for you kind words ;)


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