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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Quickie: Wet and willing

He can see her through the crack in the door. The water streams down her curves, her chin tilted upwards, her pink full lips parted to the water pouring from the shower head. She arches her back and rubs shampoo through her hair. Her silhouette against the white bathroom tiles is breathtaking. His cock stirs and hardens against his jeans.

She brushes soapy water across her firm breasts that wobble beautifully as she cleans them, and bends down to rub her legs with the sponge. Her round ass sticks out, shining, wet... spankable. He licks his lips.

He can't watch her any longer without touching her. He wants to take her in that torrent of warm water, up against the glass - make her feel his hardness thick and full and deep inside her. Give her a real reason to get clean.

He pushes the door open and steps inside...

She turns in alarm at the sound of the door shutting behind her, but he puts a finger to her lips to silence her. Water drips from her mouth, her hard nipples. She smiles, and curls her finger towards her, beckoning him to come forward.

He stares deeply at her as he lifts his shirt and pulls it over his shoulders. Then, slowly, he unbuttons his jeans and pushes his fingers beneath the band of his briefs, letting them fall to the floor with his pants. His full, thick cock bounces lightly, the tip wet and shining, and she eyes it hungrily.

Carefully, he steps into the shower, moving his hands around her waist. He tucks a strand of wet, dark hair behind her hair and whispers into it, "Turn around."

She obediently turns, the water pulsing against her breasts now, and he cups them firmly, twisting her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. She groans in delight, moving her ass against his hardness.

He smiles at that and whispers in her ear, "Good girl."

She leans her head back onto his shoulders as he begins to lower his hands, loving the way the water lets him slide all over her. He grabs her ass in his right hand and gives it a firm slap, spraying water against the white tiles. She gasps as he delivers nine more slaps to her right cheek, her ass growing redder with each smack.

His right arm moves from her ass and holds her waist as his left hand lowers to administer the same punishment to her left cheek. Her ass, pink from the blows looks so sweet - the water rolling across it, cooling the sting.

"Bend over and put your hands against the wall," he commands.

As she places each of her hands on the cool tiles in front of her and bends forward, he grabs her by the hair and growls, "Arch your back, slut."

She obeys.

"Now, spread your legs wider. Let me feel your dirty pussy."

He stepped back and lowered his hands to her parting thighs, forcing them apart wider. Two sharp slaps were delivered to each of her thighs and she winced at the pain. Then three more for each. She wiggled and gasped as her skin was splashed and spanked. He lent back, admiring the pink marks left by his large palms.

His hands crept upwards, parting the lips of her sex and feeling an even greater wetness between them. She tensed and writhed at his invasive touch.

Suddenly he stood and grabbed hold of her hips, and, to her great surprise, forced his cock inside her. Each strong, deep thrust pushed her further towards the tiles until he was ramming her against them. She was moaning and grasping for anything to hold onto - this intense fucking made her legs weak.

He reached around her and began pulling on her nipples with one hand, twisting and pinching, causing her to call out. His other hand pushed her butt upwards, keeping the sexy arch of her back. He lifted the hand occasionally to slap her hard across one cheek, then the other. With each slap she squeezed around him, stirring him to fuck her harder and harder.

Before long, he had her at her peak. Her hands pushed against the tiles on either side of the shower and she threw her head back in ecstasy. Every muscle in her body clenched around him, pulling his cock into her deeper - each wave of the climax pulsing in her sex. She came hard, wet, all over his hard cock.

"Good girl," he said, stroking at her hair. She had looked amazing, spread out like that, her body stiff and straining under the intense orgasm.

But before she could recover, his strong arms turned her around and he pushed his hands down on her shoulders, forcing her to her knees. "Suck the cum from my cock, whore," he commanded.

She obediently took his cock in her mouth, running her tongue around the head, licking and sucking at her own juices. He pressed her head down, making her take him deeper, fucking her face. She took direction well, and began thrusting her mouth up and down his cock, sucking hard as if she needed him to come more than he did.

Tracing her fingers up his inner thigh, she took his balls in her hand and massaged them lightly as she fucked his cock with her mouth. He felt the cum rising in him and grabbed her head, forcing her lips hard down onto him.

Quickly he grabbed her chin and pulled her mouth away, tilting her face upwards towards him. She looked hungrily into his eyes as he spasmed and dealt ribbon after ribbon of steaming cum across her face. The water and cum twisted together and slid across her cheeks and lips and dripped into her open mouth, onto her tongue.

"Good little slut," he smiled, patting her head as he stepped from the shower.

He reached for a towel and winked at her as he left.


For G.

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  1. And good morning to you, too!

    That was a delectable way to enjoy my first cup of coffee. And to think, I've already showered.

  2. Thanks so much pink! What a lovely compliment, especially coming from you.

    I do love your Pink Report so much!

    Love, licks and lashings,

  3. ! "...pink full lips parted to the water pouring from (my head)..., Breath taking,and my cock does hrden in my jeans!Looking down at you, I would totally be licking my lips in anticipation! You have drawn me in Lil', your descriptive nature caters to my visual needs transforming the fantasy into tht something more substantial, life like. YES... such a good girl has left me wanton with uncontrollable carnal urges. "Suck the cum from my cock whore..." Mmmmmm, just the right balance of compassion for her obedience, her love... her willingness to submit! Realistic is an understatement, your story brought me back to a time when life fulfilled savage encroachment, where trust prevailed and mutual hunger's were appeased while delving into a deeper practice of intimacy!!
    WOW, take me there Baby... so vivid, so my kind of release!
    Thank you for appealing to my kind of dominance! You now have an obedient follower...
    Keep up the gr8 work!
    Kisses Kev

  4. @Kev - Thank you so much for your feedback. I'm so pleased I could have such an affect on you.

    I'll keep them coming for you ;)

    Love, licks and lashings,


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