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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Quickie: The Invasion (A Non-consent Fantasy)

Note to readers: This is only a fantasy, and I do not condone such non-consensual actions in Real Life.


It was late and Kate had given up waiting for her date to come over. Men, she thought, with a sigh.

And what a waste - she'd been seeing this guy, Frank, for a few weeks now. They'd been getting along great: seen a couple of movies, eaten a few dinners, chatted to the early hours of the morning. She'd even hinted that tonight would be -the- night. And she'd meant it - had gone shopping that day at the lingerie shop in her local department store.

But there she sat, alone. A half-empty bottle of wine, a pair of half-burnt-out candles, all dressed up in satin and lace with nobody to appreciate it.

With quiet resignation, Kate grabbed the wine glasses (one used and one, sadly, still clean) by the stems and took them to the kitchen. She opened one of the top cupboards and slid the unused glass back amongst it's set, then placed the other on the sink.

Her heart fluttered as she heard a knock at the door. Was it Frank? Was he here, finally?

Kate rushed to her room to grab a dressing gown, tying it around her waist - a guy this tardy did not deserve to be greeted at the door by a half-naked woman. She was just going to see what his reason was, in case he could actually explain how some unforeseen even had rendered him unable to show up, answer the phone or her text messages.

The knocks on the door were repeated - louder, impatient. Angered further by this, Kate pulled the door open rashly.

But as she did, a blur of black rushed across her vision. Hands grabbed at her face, covering her eyes and mouth. More hands held her wrists, and she was dragged quickly, struggling, kicking into her house - someone knocking the front door closed behind them.

Kate tried crying out and biting into the hand over her mouth. But this only brought her a hard slap across the cheek.

She was forced half onto the couch, face first. One man straddled her shoulders and held the back of her head down with his knee. Kate swung her restricted arms, screaming into the couch in vain, and trying to pinch and scratch all she could.

"You might wanna settle down, whore," laughed the man on top of her. "Or you'll pay for it later, two-fold."

The other man was leaning against her legs, pushing them into the carpet. He had grabbed one of her wrists and was securing a thick rope around it. He then proceeded to loop the rope between her thighs, fighting with her to spread them enough to get his rope through.

Angry with her strong resistance, he said to the other man, "Start counting the punishments we're going to give her."

"I think we're at about ten by now, aren't we, honey?" laughed the other man, slapping her face repetitively, with mild force - enough to humiliate her. "She's quite the feisty one."

The rope had been woven through her thighs, pulled up high and tight against her sex, and secured around each wrist. She was now a little easier to control, her arms were unable to flail anymore, but her legs still kicked and bucked, trying to force the men off her.

The man looped and wrapped another length of rope between her legs, tying them together tightly. He then did the same to her ankles so that one leg could not move without the other, and the weight of them holding her down gave her very little movement at all.

Finished binding her, the man switched his attention to admiring Kate's slim, writhing form. Adoring the way the rope bondage he'd applied had pushed up and gathered her clothing, he slowly untied the dressing gown around her waist and let it slide away effortlessly against the satin slip she wore underneath.

"Look what this bitch is wearing," he remarked. "She was fucking sitting here, waiting for it. Oh I'm gonna pound this slut -so- hard."

"I bet she'll like that," said the other man, grabbing a fist of her hair, and pulling her back so he could talk right into her eat. "You'd like that wouldn't you." he growled again, his hot breath all over her neck and cheek, and he pushed her head forward again.

The two men grabbed her restricted body and brought her around to the side of the couch, bending her roughly over the arm of the seat. The ropes rubbed roughly against her legs and her sex. Her face, turned to the side - her cheek thrust heavily into the leather - Kate panted and screamed loudly.

"I'll shut her up," said one of the men, kneeling on the couch in front of her. Kate heard the clink of his belt unbuckling.

He grabbed her by the hair and slapped his hand against the cheek. "No, teeth," he barked. "Or we'll add to your punishment count." With that he forced his cock to her mouth and began thrusting in and out of her tightly sealed lips.

The other man had positioned himself behind her and tore at the material covering her sex. Her lace panties revealed her sex and he spat at it to lubricate it, preparing it for his cock. He began alternating between rubbing the head of his hard cock against her slit and administering her punishment - hard, painful smacks against her bare ass. His hand occasionally fell across part of her sex, sending stronger stings through the sensitive nerve endings.

"You get ten for being such a naughty girl earlier," he laughed, spanking her hard, and deliberately counting only every second or third swipe. He delivering probably twenty or more swift, searing strikes to her rear.

Unable to control himself at the sight of her pink, spanked ass, he forced himself inside her, his cock squeezed tight between her sex. "I love fucking them like this," he observed. "They're so tight when their legs are tied together!"

Kate gagged on the cock in her mouth as the two men thrust deep into her from both ends. The sensation of her throat caught around his cock made the man in front cum hard and deep. She coughed, choking on his come and then gasped for air as he withdrew from her mouth.

Satisfied, the man began berating her. "Tell us what a dirty whore you are," he said. "Tell us how you love being fucked like this."

But she refused. She turned her head away, not wanting to give them the satisfaction of degrading her further.

Suddenly she felt pressure against her anus. The man fucking her was pushing his thumb against her tiny ass hole. Kate called out in protest.

"Tell us what a dirty whore you are, or he'll fuck you in the ass," the man in front spoke slowly and clearly. As the terms were dictated, the other man reinforced their intent with two sharp slaps to her ass.

"No!" She protested, as the man behind her eased his cock from her sex and began pushing it against her ass. He circled it around, moving it hard against the opening, but not yet penetrating.

"Say it," the man in front of her ordered, his hand gripping her chin. "Or you'll get it in the ass."

Kate had never had anal sex. Any time she'd tried with any of her partners, they'd had to stop soon after they'd started as it had caused her too much pain. She couldn't let them take from her what she'd never been able to give a lover.

"I'm a whore!" she yelled, desperately, trying to save her ass. "I'm a dirty whore! I love it! But, please. Please! Don't fuck my ass! Please!"

"What are you?" the man looked hard into her eyes and, smiled, encouraged by her pleading admissions.

"A slut," she cried, her eyes sincerely begging him not to let the man take her ass.

The man behind her was disappointing, protesting, "She doesn't sound so sincere. I'm going to take her ass, anyway." The man in front of her grabbed her mouth as the other thrust against her. He invaded her where she'd never let anyone before and she screamed into the hand.

Soon, with his cock deep inside, rigorously fucking her, the man began to finish, strongly. He filled her hole with his cum and pulled away.

As they rose and left her they slapped the cheeks of her face and behind with cheap acknowledgement. They walked to the front door, fastening their pants around their waists, and left her, lying bound and limp across the lounge.

The door slammed closed and they left as abruptly as they had come.

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  1. The intensity of your prose is made all the more impressive by the paucity of words that you use to convey it. A fantastic piece :-)

  2. Ash,
    Thank you so much stopping by - I'm so glad you liked it ;)

  3. You're very welcome. At this rate, you may even inspire me to resume this type of writing in the near future...

  4. So vivid and realistic. Absolutely amazing!


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