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Friday, October 29, 2010

Quickie: He finds her there...

"Come," she calls to him.

He's caught her playing with herself, rolling about in auto-erotic pleasure amid the sheets. She was moaning and gasping to her own amusement, clad in the leather she'd bought from the town that day - the labelled boxes and bags strewn about the floor told him this.

Surely she wanted to be found like this. Who would make such an effort alone?

Regardless, she wants him to come to her.

Her leg, half-eaten by the thigh-high boot she wears, is dangling off the side of the bed. She kicks it cutely, her right hand buried beneath the covers, beneath her panties.

"Come..." she whispers again.

He takes a step forward, into the room she'd made her nest. Her body writhes and shudders harder as he nears. He can hear the faint buzzing of a vibrator from under the sheet that is draped sparingly across her hips.

"Naughty girl," he says. She smiles as he finally speaks, then closes her eyes as the buzzing finds her most vulnerable spot.

She calls out loudly, "Come!" Her body rocks and jolts violently with her arousal.

Gripped by her passion, he leaps to the bed and tears the sheet from her. She stares up at him in weak relief. She had not been calling to him so much as signalling for her own release. Her thighs are streaked and shining with her orgasm.

But, driven by the moment, he slaps her hands away and rips her wet panties aside. He is quick to fill her, sliding potently against the walls of her slick sex. Inside, he feels dirty, earthy and alive. He pushes into her hard and is greeted with ecstatic screams.

Her body, sensitive and sore from her own play, now caves to his hungry contribution. She wraps her ankles behind his back and lets him sink inside her.

He leans into her, stroking her face and grabbing her flesh. His nose nuzzles her neck and he bites her there. She turns her head, offering him more of her salty, sweaty skin to chew.

"Come," he whispers, amidst her hair. "Come!"


  1. My word!

    Your writing is so vivid, illuminating, smart, sexy, ...HOT! You really know how to set a scene, I felt as if I were in the room. Your attention to detail is arresting!

    I really enjoyed this thank you.

    (Although you should know it's 10 am, I'm in the middle of making breakfast and things have either burned a little or gotten ice cold).


  2. Thank you so much for coming by and commenting, Hedone. I've been reading your blog for a while so that means a lot :)

    I'm sorry about ruining your breakfast, though!!

    I hope you'll come back again soon!


  3. Mm, very hot and very well written! Like Hedone mentioned, makes you feel like you are there in the room!

    Loving your blog, lil!! Cannot wait to dive into more of it!

    baby girl cricket

  4. Wow...I really don't know what else to say. That was really well written and very arousing. I felt like I was right there in the room. Very well done.

  5. Your writing is so sensuous and sexual.

  6. Lovely...I shall be linking to you on my own blog....and if you have a chance please check it out....I don't have your talent for the vivid story, but I do like to play.

  7. Hovering around, hoping for your return...

  8. I like this story . I visited your blog for the first time and became your fan. Keep posting as I am going to read it everyday.


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